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Bells University Resumption Date 2022/2023 (Updated)

Bells University Resumption Date 2022/2023

Bells University is a private university in Nigeria. It is one of the best university we have in Nigeria.

Recently, the school Senate announced their Resumption Date for 2022/2023 session after the disruption in academic calendar. Hence,we have decided to share relevant information you might need as regards this.

Bells University Resumption Date
Bells University Resumption Date

Bells Resumption Date For 2022

On the 24th Of September: Resumption of Special Direct Entry Students will commence.

Within 24th to 30th of September, 2022: Special Direct Entry Students clearance and registration will start.

On the 3rd of October, 2022: All Returning students (Undergraduate) will be resuming.

4th of October, 2022: Postgraduate Board meeting will be taking place.

Within 4th to 15th of October, 202#: Lectures and signing of Course Registration Forms for Returning Students will start.

5th of October, 2022: Departmental Board meeting will commence.

8th of October, 2022: Lectures for Direct entry Students will start.

11th of October, 2022: Postgraduate Students will be resuming.

12th of October, 2022: There will be college boards of meeting.

13th of october, 2022: Leadership Training (HODs//Heads of Units) for newly appointed office holders

14th of October, 2022: There will be Curriculum Committee Meeting.

On the 20th of October, 2022: Two things will happen and they are Committee of Deans and Directors will have a meeting and Students Disciplinary Committee will also have a meeting.

21st of October, 2022: Meeting of Congregation will commence.

24th of October, 2022: All new admitted students will be resuming.

Between 25th to 29th, 2022: Orientation will start for new students.

28th October, 2022: Senate meeting will take place.

On 29th October, 2022: End of Course Registration for all Students (Special Direct Entry, Regular UG (300-500 Level) and PG) (Registration Portal Closure (12.00 Midnight)

By 30th of October to 12th November, 2022: Commencement and end of late registration for all Students (Final Registration Portal Closure for the Semester).

By 1st of November to 5th of November: Convocation week and course registration for 100 level will begin.

November 2, 2022: Induction for engineering students

4th of November, 2022: Convocation lecture and play will begin

Between 5th to 6th of November, 2022: Convocation ceremony will take place.

8th of November, 2022: Commencement of lectures for 100 level.

9th of November, 2022: Departmental boards meeting will take place.

16th of November, 2022: College boards of meeting will commence.

23rd of November, 2022: Committee of Deans and Directors meeting.

24th of November, 2022: Student disciplinary committee

25th of November, 2022: Senate Meeting

6th of December, 2022: Postgraduate board meeting

7th of December, 2022: Departmental board meeting

9th of December, 2022: Curriculum committee meeting

14th of December, 2022: College boards meeting

15th of December, 2022: Committee of Deans and Directors meeting

17th of December, 2022 to 7th of January 2023: Christmas break

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