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Faith Academy Portal 2022 Login For Students & Admission

Faith Academy University Student Portal (faithacademy.ca)

Comprehensive information on the number of portals faith academy makes use of is the main reason for this article.

We would love to let you know that every university has different portals that each university uses to perform each functions. So ensure you know that.

We will surely educate you on what you need to know about the student portal and what you can do on it.

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History Of Faith Academy

From very modest beginnings in a church basement with 33 students, Faith Academy has been blessed by God to the point where there are now nearly 600 students enrolled in three locations.

When the school began in 1983, no one could foresee the tremendous growth the school would undergo.

From 1983 to 1990 the school was located in the basement of Faith Baptist Church at the corner of Pritchard and Sgt. Tommy Prince.

In 1990 the whole school moved to 600 Jefferson Avenue and operated there until 1997. In June of 1997, the whole school moved into the building on 437 Matheson Avenue and the 600 Jefferson Avenue building was rented out to another Christian school.

That school stopped its operation and with our continued growth, we required adding a second location and moved the Middle School students to the Jefferson location, which now hosts 160 students in a Grade 5 – 8 program.  The Matheson Campus now hosts K-4 at the East side of the building and 9-12 in the West side of the building.

In 1990 Faith Academy began a partnership with Union Gospel Mission in which we welcomed sponsored students to join the campus.

This relationship grew as Faith Academy became the education partner of Faith Learning Centre – a ministry of Union Gospel Mission.

Faith Learning Centre is an adult education program located at 220 Pritchard Avenue that covers a variety of subject areas at the Grade 9 – 12 levels. The primary objective of the Faith Learning Centre is to equip men and women in the core area of Winnipeg with the academic qualifications necessary for entrance into the workforce or other learning institutions.

Pritchard Campus

In 2005 Faith Academy extended their ministry partnership with Union Gospel Mission by adding an elementary school at 220 Pritchard Avenue.  This is a Kindergarten to Grade 3 program and includes a 4-year-old Kindergarten program.

It is a community school for those living in the immediate area.  Union Gospel Mission provides a sponsorship program so that all the students who attend the Pritchard campus can attend without having to pay a tuition fee.

This support also extends to students who attend other grades at the Matheson and Jefferson campuses.  UGM provides support for up to 100 students.  Both school and UGM staff members maintain regular supportive contact with the families of sponsored students.

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