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FUTO Aggregate Score 2022/23 & Calculation Steps

FUTO Aggregate Score & Other Vital Information

Hello, The major thing we want to discuss with you on this Article is the steps on how to calculate The Federal University Of Technology Owerri Aggregate Score Or Post UTME Score.

It has come to our notice that every year All Aspirants aspiring to study in this University always have this question at the back of their minds.

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Hence, this is the reason why we decided to explain how you can calculate this Aggregate Score by yourself.

Before we begin writing on the main objective of this article, I will also like you to know that we would also share some relevant Information with you like the most frequently keyterms Aspirants search for on search engine.

Not only that, we would also inform you on the other things necessary for you to know.

There are so many advantages you will enjoy when you know how to calculate FUTO Aggregate score. I will share all this advantages through a story. Yeah, a story! I know you will love this.

Emeka just finished his high school in 2019, He studied at Foutain High School in Lagos. While he was in school, He was one of the best student in his school.

He also goes for competition for his school and he has never gotten below the 3rd position in any institution he goes to. If he did not have the first position, he will surely have the second or third position.

He has also won so many awards for his school. Dangote also gave him a scholarship based on how brilliant he is. He has become a One Day Governor of Lagos state twice.

Figuratively, I can say he is extremely brilliant and lucky at the same time.

I said this because there are so many people of his age who are more brilliant than him but they have not reached the great feat he has reached.

As time goes on, He wrote the Ssce Examination, Neco and G.c.e. quess what? He came out excellently in all this examination as usual. The following year which is year 2020.

He wrote UTME and he selected the federal University of technology owerri, He scored a whooping score of 340. Grace found him at last.

Everything is going well until he was about writing the post UTME examination. He thought all he need to have is just a high score in JAMB.

I have already gained admission. He normally says this to himself everyday. He always think that for the fact that he has high score in JAMB. That is all he need.

Emeka started relenting In his studies. Some days, he might take weeks without studying. Sometimes months. He started being boastful.

He always tell his friends that even though he did not read again, he has already gained admission. His ignorant friends too always agree with him.

They thought he has finally gained admission truly based on the fact that he had high score in UTME.

His friends kept on reading despite the fact they know they had low Jamb score. Emeka stopped reading finally. The post UTME examination came.

They all did it and when the result came out. Emeka had 49/100. His friends had 70 and above in their post UTME screening exercise. All his friends gained admission but he failed to gain admission.

He went to the school authorities and told them that he has not been given admission. Those ones checked his profile and they told him he cannot gain admission simply because he has low Post UTME Score.

They said The University only admits you if you score 50 and above in your Post UTME screening examination.

It was then it dawned on emeka that he had made a big mistake. He realised that they also make use of post UTME Score to determine their Aggregate scored. He cried bitterly because he had made a big mistake of his life.

We would not like you to be like emeka and that is why we have decided to write on this topic so that when you are applying for any programme in the Federal University Of Technology Owerri.

You would know all the things you need so that you can gain admission easily into FUTO.

Over the years, Aspirants seeks information on FUTO Departmental cut off mark, Portal, Cut Off Mark For Medicine and surgery & Engineering courses.

They need this cut off mark so that they can know the range of score they have to meet if they are really serious on getting admission for those courses.

They also seeks information on FUTO Gist or News like FUTO post UTME cut off Mark 2022, How to get The Federal University Of Technology Owerri Post UTME Past questions, List Of Courses Offered In federal University of technology Owerri & FUTO Post UTME 2022, Slt FUTO & Courses like Optometry in FUTO.

How To Calculate FUTO Aggregate Score 2022

We have so many scores to calculate under this subtopic. We have Jamb Score, Post UTME Score & Olevel Score. Let us begin on how To Calculate Jamb Score.

How To Calculate Jamb Score

To calculate Jamb Score is not difficult. All we need to do is to Divide our Jamb Score by 8.

For example: Titi Scored 280 in JAMB. If we want to calculate Titi Jamb Score. All we have to do is
280/8= 35.

So therefore after dividing Titi Jamb Score by 8. We have 35. This is our to calculate our Jamb Score for the federal University of technology Owerri.

How To Calculate FUTO Post UTME Score

You will divide the candidate Post UTME Score by 2. For example, Titi scored 60 in her Post UTME examination.

To calculate this post UTME Score, you will divide 60/2= 30. This is how to calculate our post UTME Score.

How To Calculate futo O’ level Score

A1 = 6

Bs= 4

Cs = 3

Es= 2 Sum of O’Level

Note: You must have a minimum of 5 credits that are relevant to your course of study.

For example: Titi had Grade A,B,C,B,A in her Olevel subjects. To calculate this will be 6+4+3+4+6 = 23
This is how to calculate our Olevel Score.

To Calculate Aggregate Score Will be;
Add up your Total Score In Jamb and Post UTME. for example, let us use Titi
35+30= 65

Now, You should add the Olevel Score which is 23

Aggregate Score Will be 65+23= 88

What is the total score for FUTO Post Utme

Before you can apply for this University and before you can eventually gain admission, you must ensure you have a minimum of 180 in UTME. Without scoring up to 180.

You will not be qualified to write the Post UTME exercise. Paradventure you write it by luck. You will surely not get the admission.

What is the cut off mark for optometry in Futo

The cut off mark is the 250 and above. The reason why the cut off mark is high is because the course itself is very competitive. It is competitive just like medicine and surgery, dentistry e.t.c

Finally, we want to thank you for spending some quality time reading this article.

We hope we have been able to provide the necessary information for you on FUTO Aggregate Score.

If you have any other Questions and it is not in this article. Kindly drop them in the box below. We will answer you speedily.

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