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Lost WAEC Certificate? How To Get It Back

Lost Waec Certificate: Ways On How To Get Another One

At one point in our lives, we tend to lost important documents somehow and when this happens, it saddens our soul. One major thing I know is that we can not always be careful in life.

There are times whereby we lost these important documents based on circumstances that are far beyond us. What do I mean by this? Well, what I am saying is that most times when we lost important documents, it could be due to unforeseen circumstances such as fire outbreak, theft, depression and so on.

Whenever I heard that people lost important documents, I don’t blame them because that can actually happen to anyone. I could remember vividly the day a friend of mine lost his waec certificate.

Many of our friends were blaming him that he was too careless but deep down in me. I was convinced in my mind that such thing can happen to anyone. Even those blaming him can have such issue that can even be worst than his own issue.

In this article, we will be discussing majorly on how we can retrieve our lost waec certificate. I believe you may know someone or you know someone who knows someone that needs this information we are about to share. Don’t forget to help them by sharing this article with them.

Lost Waec Certificate
Lost Waec Certificate

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Having knowledge on the keywords above is necessary as it will sensitize you to gain information on what people are searching for as regards this matter. Not only that, it will help you to know that it is not only you going through this difficult situation. There are so many people going through more difficult situations than you.

Ways To Retrieve Your Lost Waec Certificate

  • The first thing to do is to visit any WAEC head office closer to the school which you did your Waec examination.
  • After that, ensure you inform any of the officials you see at the Waec office that you lost your Waec Certificate and you are here to apply for waec attestation of result.
  • Thereafter, Give them your police report confirming that you lost your Waec Certificate, then give them your recent passport photograph and an affidavit for WAEC Attestation of result.
  • You will be required to pay a certain sum of money. Ensure you pay that, then supply all the details needed from you such as name, Waec registration no and many more.

Things To Know About Waec Attestation Of Result

1) Waec Attestation of result can be used in place of Waec original certificate. Anything that the original certificate can be used for, Attestation of results can also be used for it. Even when you want to travel to foreign countries at the embassy, you can also use your Attestation of result for WAEC to do that.

2) Waec Attestation can be acquired as many times as you want. It is only original Waec Certificate that can be gotten just once.

3) Waec Attestation of result looks exactly like the original Waec result. The only difference is that the title is different. In Attestation of Result for WAEC, the title is “ATTESTATION OF RESULT” while in original certificate, the title is “CERTIFICATE“.

How much does it take to get a WAEC certificate

As at now, there is no particular amount that Waec charges for this fee. The fee ranges, there are times that the fee is N15,000 while in some Waec office. They charge more than 15,000 Naira. Just ensure you hold enough money for this.

How long will it take for lost WAEC certificate to be given?

There is no particular time frame before the new Waec Attestation of result will be given. Nevertheless, it takes nothing less than 30 months for it to be fully ready. Sometimes it takes more time for it to be ready.

Can someone collect my WAEC certificate for me?

It is not proper to let someone collect your Waec Certificate on your behalf. Even the board will not accept someone collecting it on your behalf from them.

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