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UNIABUJA Resumption Date 2022/2023 For All Students

UNIABUJA Resumption Date 2022/23

Hello, Are you one of the students of the University Of Abuja. If you are one, I am sure there is no how you will not need vital information on this topic. Hence, I have decided to let you know about the University of Abuja Resumption Date. Come with me, if you need information on this.

UNIABUJA Resumption Date 2021/22
UNIABUJA Resumption Date 2022

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UNIABUJA Resumption Date 2022 Announced

According to University Of Abuja Registrar, He said the University will be resuming back to campus from October 17th, 2022. He also mentioned that the Resumption Date will be spaced between October 17th to October 21st.

The name of Uniabuja Registrar is Yahya Mohammed. He mentioned that all first year students of all departments as well as all levels of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and College of Health Sciences Students, are to resume from November 1st.

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Students that are not in the departments listed above are to resume one week after (February 8th). He also said the school hostels will be opened for students as from February 1st. He said the hostel will not be opened for anyone until that day.
The registrar also said that preparation have been made by the school management for virtual classes. Hence, he urge all students to bring smartphone, Android, laptops so that they can be able to access the virtual classes.

Not only that, he also said all students are expected to bring along three reusable face mask also with hand sanitizer. He said this is to be able to curb covid 19. However, even when Asuu had been on strike, the school had been teaching their students through virtual classes platform.

Is Uniabuja A federal University

Yes, it is a federal University. Most people thinks it is a state university simply because it does not have a federal University at its back. For instance, Federal university of Abuja. I always tell people that not having federal at the back of a university is not a criteria for a university to be a federal University. Just look at University of Ibadan, it does not have federal at its back, yet it is a federal University.

How much is the school fees for University Of Abuja

We have provided a comprehensive information on this, you can search for Uniabuja school fees right here on our blog to get latest information on that.

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