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UNILORIN Hostel Fees, Rules & Regulations For 2022

UNILORIN Hostel Accomodation Portal 2022/2023 & Procedures To Apply

Myschoolbeamers, we say welcome to another beautiful writeup. We decided to give detailed information because we have been receiving calls & emails on UNILORIN Hostel Accomodation.

Also, some female students always want to know how UNILORIN Female Hostel Pictures looks like, this has made them to go online to seek for this information. Some don’t know how to access UNILORIN Portal, so therefore they go online to seek information on this.

Read on:

I always tell people if you are a new students, you should live on campus. This will help you to know the in & out of the school premises. After your year one you can decide if you want to stay on campus or off campus.

Things To Know UNILORIN Hostel Accomodation

  1. It must be very close to the campus & it must be within a walking distance.
  2. This is compulsory just in case when you don’t have a transport fare. You can easily walk or jug to class.
  3. Everyone knows when students are in school, most times they are always short of money. This is a natural phenomena.
  4. If you want to apply for UNILORIN Accomodation, you must ensure there is a secured security. This is why i always advice people to live on campus throughout their study in the university.
  5. Serene Environments: As a students, it is important you live in a peaceful & serene environment. This is what the campus hostel provides. Though if you live off campus, there are some places that are very serene & peaceful. It is important to ensure you get your apartments in this type of places.

How to apply For University Of Ilorin Hostel Accomodation

Before you apply for this university hostel accomodation, always ensure that payment is only made through the university portal.

Don’t pay anybody to help you to make the payments in order to avoid being scammed. Follow the step below to apply for The UnIversity accomodation and they are as follows:

  1. To Apply for UNILORIN, Kindly Login to the UNILORIN Student Portal.
  2. Follow the Instruction on the portal and Apply for an Accommodation.

Dear readers, we believe we have been able to provide information concerning UNILORIN Hostel Accomodation.

If you have any enquiries, kindly drop them in the box below. We will answer you speedily.

Kind regards!!!

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  1. Please I want to ask, where is kwara state university located in ilorin and what is the fee for freshers? Thanks

  2. Pls when can I apply for unilorin school hostel accommodation for2020/2021 academic session

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