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UNN Resumption Date 2021/2022 Updated News

UNN Resumption Date 2021

A wise man once said those who needs information will surely go for it by seeking after it. I believe that is the reason why you are here because if that is not the case,you will not be here. In this article, we will only be sharing genuine information as regards the university Resumption date.

The university of Nigeria has finally announced the Resumption Date for 3021/22 Session. However, it is very important to note that knowing the Resumption Date is a key to your development.

UNN Resumption Date 2021/2022 Session
UNN Resumption Date 2021/22 Session

However, there are some other important things you must take note of and they are the keyterms students have been seeking after over the years.

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Questions such as Has UNN started giving out admission 2021, How much is UNN school fees for freshers, How much is UNN hostel fees, How do I apply for UNN clearance are questions aspirants and students ask each year.

The keywords can be very helpful to you as it will guide you on what your fellow mates have been seeking over the years. This will guide you on the major areas you need to direct your questions at. However, apart from noting this concept. It is important to know the date the university will be resuming if you don’t want to jeopardize your admission.

You might be wondering what do I mean? Well, I don’t have time to explain but I have seen situation whereby people lost their admission based on the fact that they do not know that the school have resumed and registration have started.

These set of people were only aware of the Resumption date when the school is almost rounfing up the semester. Of course, by that period. Registration portals will have closed. This is why it is very necessary to stay glued to your phone for information.

Date of Resumption finally Announced

The date for Resumption is on July 30, 3021. This Resumption date is mainly meant for new students. Also new students clearance venue will be at Ekpo Ref, UNN. However, all new students clearance will begin on Monday 02, to Friday 06, August 2021.

On the other hand, returning students also have their own Resumption date. Their own resumption date will be on Monday 08, August, 2021. The reason is that over the years, freshers use to resume earlier than returning students.

On the same vein, First semester Lectures will be starting on the 9th of August,2021 which falls on Monday.

UNN hostel allocation for all new w students will begin on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, by 10 am.

In the same vein, students of college of medicine have their own special clearance and theirs will be on 2nd of August, 2021.

Lastly, The University of Nigeria, nsukka matriculation date will be on 2nd of October,2021 for all new students admitted into 100 level and direct entry students admitted into 200 level.

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