How Many Years To Complete Polytechnic in Nigeria [Answered]

How long does it really take for an undergraduate to complete his/her polytechnic education in Nigeria? This is exactly what I am going to explain in this article.

In case you are still thinking of going to a polytechnic or you are already admitted in one. This is a very common question that would have gone through your mind.

I am not just going to tell you the years and just end this article, I am going to explain what you are going to be doing in each of those years.

Before answering this question, I already asked a lady who graduated from a popular polytechnic in Nigeria. So, be rest assured that this information is coming from a legit source.

How Many Years To Complete Polytechnic in Nigeria? 

It will take you 5 years to complete your polytechnic education in Nigeria. 

You can check out the analysis of the years below for a better understanding.

Both part time and full time may take the same years to complete depending on the polytechnic.

Explanation of Each Of The Years

There are three divisions of the years to be used in the polytechnic which are ND, IT and HND. ND means National Diploma, IT means Industrial Training while HND means Higher National Diploma.

ND is divided into two or three parts depending on the polytechnic. For example yabatech has ND3. Most polytechnics in Nigeria only have two namely: ND1 and ND2.

National Diploma takes two years to complete before you can do your IT.

There is nothing much to say about IT. It means you’re going to go for industrial training in any company or organization related to the course you are studying in a space of 1 year.

After completing your training, you will collect your IT letter and submit it to the school for approval.

Now, over to HND 🙂. This is the final stage of your polytechnic education, lots of practical and projects are going to be done.

HND is going to take only two years as it is divided into HND1 and HND2. After this you are going graduate, collect your certificate and go for nysc (if you are eligible).

How many years is Part-time in Polytechnic?

Part time in polytechnic is going to take about 5 years to be completed. This number however is an average number and will depend on the polytechnic.

The number of years is almost the same as that of full time, just that some polytechnic usually have third semester or ND3.

But you should know for sure that both part time and full time students are going to do IT (it is compulsory and cannot be neglected).

Note that part students will be given only certificate after completing their polytechnic education and cannot go for service (NYSC).


This article has explained how long it takes for an average student to finish polytechnic education in Nigeria.

I have taken my time to differentiate the years for full time and part time students.

In reality, these years does not mean a lot. What matters is the product of that education in which your certificate is a good example. 

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