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UNICAL Cut Off Mark 2021/2022 For All Courses

UNICAL Cut off Mark 2021/22 For JAMB and departmental updated.

Hello myschoolbeamers. We are glad you are here once again to learn or two things. In this article, we would be sharing with you the Cutoff mark you must meet before you can apply for the University of calabar Admission Exercise.

Not only that, we would also inform you concerning UNICAL Departmental Cutoff Mark 2021/2022 Session. If you need information all this, then we say you are highly welcome as this topic is actually meant for you.

Today, without wasting much of your time, we would also share some of the most important question students seeks after concerning this topic. Ensure you read the topic to the end so that you can get the full gist.

Also in this article, you would see some departmental Cut off marks regarding to UNICAL Courses. Now, it is time to dive into the ocean so that we can get the full gist. Also, information on the UNICAL cut off mark for all courses 2021 & UNICAL JAMB cut off mark for 2021 will also be explained in this article.

It is no longer news that students have been seeking information on the Cutoff mark they have to meet if they want to get admission into this University. Most students seeks for this information in order to know how they can brace up and work hard for the examination.

UNICAL Cut Off Mark 2021/2022

Under this Subtopic, we would share with you different Cut off marks you have to meet. Don’t worry. I will explain this to you. When i say something different.

What i mean is that before you can be Qualified to write the University Of Calabar Post UTME exercise, you must ensure you score high In UTME and you must meet a certain mark in Jamb examination you took for you to be qualified to write the School Post UTME Exercise.

Also, after writing the Jamb Examination and you meet the Cut off mark. The next step is to ensure you beat the Departmental Cutoff mark for each Courses before you can eventually get admitted. Well the information for all this are as follows:

UNICAL Cut off Mark For JAMB 2021

Before you can be qualified for the University Of Calabar Post UTME exercise. You must ensure you write the Joint Admission & Matriculation Board examination. After you might have written the exam, your total mark must not be lesser than a certain mark if you know you want to be qualified For the University Of Calabar Admission.

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As an Aspirant who is aspiring to get admission into the University Of Calabar. You must ensure you have nothing less than 180.

Though that is the minimum mark you must ensure you meet but it is advisable you score high because some courses like medicine & engineering & some other higher courses requires you to score high so you can eventually get admitted into those Competitive Courses.

Departmental Cut off Mark For Courses In Unical

After you might have gotten admitted into the University Of Calabar. Ensure you score high in the Post UTME exercise. When you score high in both JAMB & Post UTME. Then you will calculate both of them together.

The total score is what will determine if you meet the University Of Calabar Departmental Cutoff mark or not. However, we do not have this year departmental Cutoff mark.

However, we have last year own. We will share last year own Departmental Cutoff mark with you and they are as follows:

English & Literary Studies >>>>> 240
Theatre & Media Studies >>>>> 235
Modern languages & Translation Studies >>>>> 200
Linguistics & Communication Studies >>>>> 225
Religious & Cultural Studies >>>>> 200
Philosophy >>>>> 210
Agric Economics & Extension >>>>> 190
Animal Science >>>>> 210
Agriculture, Forestry &Wlr Mgt >>>>> 220
Forestry & Wildlife Resources >>>>> 200
Medical laboratory Science >>>>> 235
Nursing Science >>>>> 240
Radiography & radiological Sciences >>>>> 240
Public Health >>>>> 210
Human Anatomy >>>>> 210
Biochemistry >>>>> 210
Physiology >>>>> 200
Medicine & Surgery >>>>> 263
Adult & continuing Education >>>>> 190
Education Administration & Planning >>>>> 210
Educational Foundation & Guidance and Counselling >>>>> 210
Library & Information Science >>>>> 205
Human Kinetics & Health Education >>>>> 200
Business Education >>>> 210
Special Education >>>>> 190
Agricultural Science Education >>>>> 190
English Education >>>>> 235
Social Studies >>>>> 215
Education Geography >>>>> 200
Environmental Education >>>>> 215
Elementary Education >>>>> 200
Education Chemistry >>>>> 185
Education Biology >>>>> 190
Education History >>>>> 200
Education Economics >>>>> 220
Education political science >>>> 220
Education Religion >>>>> 190
Education Mathematics >>>>> 200
Law >>>> 269
Accounting >>>>> 238
Banking & Finance >>>>> 210
Marketing >>>>> 200
Business Management >>>>> 240
Botany >>>> 190
Geology >>>>> 215
Chemistry >>>>> 190
Computer Science >>>>> 220
Mathematics & Statistics >>>>> 190
Applied Geophysics >>>>> 210
Physics & computer technology >>>> 205
Genetics & Biotechnology >>>>> 215
Zoology & Biology >>>>> 215
Sociology >>>> 235
Social Work >>>> 215
Environmental resources management >>>>> 215
Geography & Environmental Science >>>>> 220
Policy & Administrative Studies >>>>> 200
Public Administration >>>>> 235
Economics >>>>> 245
Political Science >>>>>> 235
These are all the departmental courses cut off mark our source can get now.

How does Unical Conduct Their Screening Exercise?

They conduct their screening exercise by allowing both Jamb & Direct entry to go through an Examination known as Post UTME.

Before they do this Post UTME Examination, Such Candidates must have been able to beat University Of Calabar Cutoff mark which is 180 for them to be qualified.

After writing both examination, the school will release their own Departmental Cutoff mark & when they do.

The admission list is the next thing that will happen in the school. But before a student gets the admission, he ought to beat the Departmental Cutoff mark Up there.

How does University Of Calabar Calculate its Aggregate Score?

It is very easy to calculate. Whatever you score in Jamb, ensure you divide it by 8. For example. If you score 200 in jamb. Divide it by 8. Also whatever you score in Post UTME, divide it by 2. Then add both Jamb score and Post UTME score together after you might have divided it.

Dear myschoolbeamers, we hope we have been able to get you informed concerning UNICAL Cut off Mark 2021/22 Session. If you have any question, kindly drop them in the comment box below.

Thank you!!!

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