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FUNAAB School Fees 2021/2022 For All Courses

FUNAAB School Fees 2021/2022 For Freshers & Returning Students

It is no longer news that over the years both New Students & Returning Students of Federal University Of Agriculture Abeokuta have always desired to know how much they will have to pay as regards to their tuition fee.

This has made both Aspirants & Students to go online to seek for information about this. We are aware that students lacks vital information and that is the reason why myschoolbeam.com.ng decided to share this information with them because we have our readers best interest at heart.

As a student or aspirant, it is very important for you to know about the school tuition fees. Having the right knowledge about this is very important just like being admitted into the school is important to you.

When you have the right knowledge about the tuition fees, it will help you to know if you are financially capable of paying the University school fees or not. If you can’t, then the information gotten will help you to re-strategise.

There are so many factors you need to put into consideration if you want to become a student of a school, some of the factors you need to take note of is the school cutoff mark, how to navigate the university portal, The university Acceptance fee.

Other Information you should take note of is knowing about the Federal University of agriculture abeokuta Part Time school fees & also knowing the School Fees for both Freshers & Returning students.


FUNAAB School Fees 2021/2022 For All Students At All Levels

  • Accounting school fees is N32,000
  • Agricultural Administration School fees is N32,000
  • Agricultural Engineering School Fees is N32,000
  • Animal Breeding/Animal Genetics/Animal Nutrition/Animal Psychology/Animal Production/Animal Health Service School fees is only N32,000
  • Banking & Finance School Fees is N32,000
  • Biochemistry School Fees is only N32,000
  • Biological Science School Fees Is N32,000
  • Business or Enterprise Management School Fees Is N32,000
  • Chemistry School Fees is N32,000
  • Civil Engineering School Fees is N42,000
  • Computer Science School Fees is N32,000
  • Crop Production/Crop Protection School Fees is N32,000
  • Economics School Fees is N42,000
  • Electrical or Electronic Engineering School Fees is N32,000
  • Environmental Management School Fees is N32,000
  • Food science & food techhnology School Fees is N32,000
  • Forestry management School Fees is N32,000
  • Horticulture School fees is N32,000
  • Management school fees is N32,000
  • Mathematics School Fees is N32,000
  • Engineering School Fees is N42,000
  • Physics School fees is N32,000
  • Plant Breeding, Technology, and Production School Fees is N32,000
  • Soil Science and Management School Fees Is N32,000
  • Vererinary Medicine School fees is N32,000
  • Water School Fees School Fees is N32,000

How Much Is FUNAAB Acceptance Fee?

The acceptance fee for the federal university of agriculture abeokuta is N30,750.

How Can I pay For FUNAAB School Fees & Acceptance Fee?

It is not really hard to pay for the university tuition fees and acceptance fee. If you want to pay for the fees. There ar two methods you can use to do that. The first method is using bank transfer.

You will have to make enquiry from FUNAAB Registrar the banks the University Uses. The second method is using Remitta platform to pay for all your fees. It is advisable to use this second method because it is very fast & reliable.

How much is FUNAAB Predegree School Fees?

The School Fees for the federal university of agriculture abeokuta predegree programme is N190,000 naira which includes the Predegree school fees of N155,000 & Acceptance Fee of N35,000 for admitted students.

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