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UNN Portal Login 2022-2023 For Students

UNN Portal Latest News To All Students 

Are you an Aspirant who do not know how to login to the University Of Nigeria Nsukka Portal or do you need reliable information on what This University Portal Is Being Used For?

Maybe you are just curious to know if the University Of Nigeria has just only one Portal or different portals. Don’t venture into the world of ignorance again, Come let us show you the way.

Myschoolbeam.com.ng do not have other job than to get you informed on educational related matters.

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In this article, We know that so many students have so many questions hidden in them. We know the questions they are shy to ask their fellow mates mainly not to be mocked by their friends. We know all this and that is why we have created this article for our dear readers to learn one or two things. It is our Joy to get you informed.

We would be sharing information on how to login, the most important portals on Nsukka University website that are used mostly. Not only that, we would also answer the most frequently asked questions by students, parents, quardians, friends & Aspirants over the years. Do not forget we are here to keep you informed.

Over the years, most students have been wondering what they can do on UNN Portal. Well, I am glad to inform you that we can do a whole lot of things as a student on the portal but I will send only share the most important ones with you.

As a student, you can check your examination result in the school portal, you can pay your tuition fees, you can register for your Courses, you can make enquiry on the school portals and so many More.

It is compulsory you note that the portal is not only meant for students, Lecturers also use it. They can also log in on the portal to update their profiles on the school data place.

Those seeking for jobs in this University will also apply through University of nigeria, nsukka Portal.

There are some information that some students & Aspirant also ask on the internet, most especially on Google. I know you are wondering how we got this related searches on Google.

Do not worry on that, it is our job so we know how we do it. Some of the most frequently searches are What you can do on UNN portal 2022, you can check nsuka admission status on this portal.Another thing you can do on the portal is getting University of Nigeria News such as Unnportal log in & checking Post UTME Result.

We hope you have been able to get a valuable information on this topic up to this point? Good! We know you are intelligent and you have understand what we are trying to say up to this point. Now let us move to another subtopic.

UNN Portal Login 2022

We would not be stating all the portals University of Nigeria has, but we would only talk on the most important portals necessary to note.

They are as follows:

1) The University Main Website>>>> www.UNN.edu.ng
2) The official Portal>>>> www.Unnportal.UNN.edu.ng

How To Login To UNN Portal

♠The first thing or step to do is to https://unnportal.unn.edu.ng/

♠Thereafter, kindly login by entering your username. All new students should use their matriculation number as their username if they want to login.

♠Then enter your password

♠Finally, click on the login

♠You have successfully logged in.

Note: If you forget your password, just input Your username and click on forget password. The new password will be sent to your mail.

How To Book For An Accomodation on University Of Nigeria Website

1) You Should visit https://unnportal.unn.edu.ng/HostelLanding.aspx
2) After this, You Should input your username and matriculation number.
3) You will be required to fill in your remita reference number popularly known as RRR. This is one reason why you have to take note of it when registering or paying for your school fees as a new student. You need to input It at this stage.
4) After entering your RRR code. You should login.

How much is UNN hostel fees

Okeke hostel accomodation fee is N25,000 only while for other hostels it is N10,000 for male and N15,000 for females.

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Thank you!!!

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