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CRUTECH School Fees 2022/2023 For Freshers & Staylites

How much do you need to budget if you want to pay CRUTECH school fees for new students or even as a staylite?

Most people don’t even know CRUTECH Acceptance fee 2022 not to talk of the accommodation charges.

There’s no need to feel like you are a noob here, I wrote this article just answer your questions and if you have more you can always drop a comment below.

As you should already be aware of the fact that most state universities school fees are more expensive than Federal universities in Nigeria.

CRUTECH School Fees 2022/2023 For New & Returning Students

The school fee is between N105,000 and N128,000 for new students while it costs N85,000 – N95,000 for returning students for all courses.

The deadline to pay your school fee will be on the school portal, please try to pay before the closing date.

Failure to do so and you will not be able to register or fill your course forms and you won’t be eligible to write exams until you pay it.

How Much Is CRUTECH Hostel Fee?

The accommodation fee costs just N30,000 only per session (not semester). This amount is for both freshers & returning students.

Living in the university hostel is not compulsory, you can get some cheap apartments outside the school.

Make sure you do some background research about the house and area before paying for it or even moving in.

How much is the acceptance fee for Crutech?

The acceptance fee costs N15,000 only. After you might have paid this fee. It will qualify you to be able to print out your Acceptance of your admission form, CRUTECH school fees invoice & other similar things like that.

I hope this post served its purpose of guiding and informing you all about Crutech fees and charges.

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