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UNIZIK School Fees 2022/2023 For Freshers & Returning Students

How much is Unizik school fees for 2022? You probably don’t know and that’s why you are here.

Or maybe you heard some news regarding UNIZIK school fees increment and you just wanted to make sure it’s legitimate before informing your parent or guardian.

Just keep calm and read this article to the end.

UNIZIK School Fees 2022/2023 For Undergraduate Students

1. School fee: N65,000

2. Accreditation fee: N10,000

3. Acceptance fee and biometric: N26,000

4. Departmental and faculty registration ranges from N7000 to N14,000 depending on department and faculty

5. Gss registration and result processing: N7000

6. Unizik journal, history book, song book, shirts, security handbook etc : N5,000

Total fee is estimated to be around N120,000

How Much Is UNIZIK Acceptance Fee 2022?

The acceptance fee costs N47,000 only.

How much is UNIZIK Hostel Fee 2022?

UNIZIK accommodation fee is just N41,000 only while the hostel form is just N1,000 only.

Unizik Postgraduate School Fees For New Students

Candidates in the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Management Science
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Environmental Science
  • Faculty of Рharmaceutical Science
  • Faculty of Physical Science, Faculty of Biosciences
  • Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology
  • Faculty of Basic Medical Science,
  • Faculty of Agriculture will pay the following:

Tuition – N60,000

Library – N23,500

Laboratory and Workshop/Bench – N20,000

File/Id – N1,700

Elective Charges – N1,500 NHIS – N2,500

Certificate Verification (Ph.D.) – N6,000

Certificate Verification (M.Sc.) – N4,000

Estimated total for (One O’level Certificate)

PhD/M.Sc. – 115,200/113,200 Naira

Total Fees to be paid (Additional Certificate) will be 117,200/115,200 Naira

How much is Unizik Masters For Returning Students?

  • Tuition – N60,000
  • Library – N23,500
  • Laboratory of Workshop/Bench – N20,000
  • Elective Charges – N1,500 NHIS – N2,500
  • Total fees to be paid Ph.D./M.Sc. – N107,500

UNIZIK Diploma School Fees 2022

  • Tuition – N40,000
  • Library – N13,500 Laboratory of Workshop/Bench – N10,000
  • Elective Charges – N1,500 NHIS – N2,500
  • Total fees to be paid Ph.D./M.Sc. – N67,500
  • Postgraduate dues – 5,000 Naira.
    To be paid into this account: Account Number – 0050261914 (Access Bank)
    Account Name: PG Dues

Other Postgraduate Charges

  • Screening Test – N7,000 (Ph.D.) and N5,000 (Masters and PGD)
  • Research Workshop – N20,000
  • Internal Defence – N12,500
  • Proposal – N10,000
  • SPGS Convocation Assembly – N5,000
  • SPGS Publications – Yet to be determined Accretion Levy – N20,000
  • Admission Application Form –N10,000
  • Registration of Courses (Carry-Over) – N2,000
  • Deferment of Programme – N5,000
  • Add and Drop – N2,000
  • Change of Department – N5,000
  • Change of Area of Specialisation – N2,000
  • Change of Mode of Study – N2,000
  • Request for Transcript: Internal Transcript – N1,000
  • External Transcript (Within the Country) – N10,000
  • International (Outside the Country): Asia/Australia/Middle East – N30,000;
  • America/Europe – N25,000;
  • Africa – N20,000
  • Extension of Duration – N10,000 17
  • Final Defence Ph.D. – N60,000
  • Masters – N40,000 PGD – N10,000

If you are still an aspirant of this university, note that UNIZIK does not accept or admit second choice candidates.

Keep sharing this post till it circulate and reach those who need it.

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