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UI Hostel Accommodation 2022 Fee, Application Portal & Requirements

UI Hostel For Undergraduates 2022 === Before we dive into the main reason for this article which is the UI hostel. Let’s talk briefly about the university of Ibadan as a whole.

The University of Ibadan is the first university in Nigeria, that is why it is regarded as the premier university.

This university has produced great doctors, men of God, governors, engineers, actors, and actresses, and so on.

One of the alumni of UI is pastor kumuyi of deeper life, when he was at university of Ibadan, he made a first-class. Daddy freeze was also an alumnus of UI. There are so many alumni of the university of Ibadan. Lawrence oyor who is a gospel artist is also an alumnus of UI.

The university has also made Nigerians proud both in Nigeria and overseas. Just recently, three out of five students who won the best graduating students in law school are a product of UI.

This is to let you know that the university of Ibadan is not here to play, they have been breaking records since inception and they are still doing fine to date.

You will hear some students saying the university is living on past glories, no, they are not because if they are living on past glories, we will not see the university topping the list in all competitions. Not only that, but we will not see their students doing well also.

Well, let us move to the main reason for this article. As a Nigerian, you should know that unless you are a part of something, that is when you can know more about that thing. What I am about to share with you, is only if you are a student of the university of Ibadan or you work there, that is when you can know about the school hostel.

So what are we talking about here, it is about the university of Ibadan hostel we want to talk about. Can you guess how many hostels UI has. I am sure you can’t guess it unless you google it. #winks.

The University of Ibadan has twelve hostels which are known as halls of residence in UI. Out of these 12 hostels, ten is for undergraduate while the remaining two is meant for postgraduate.

The halls of residence are as follows: Ransome Kuti hall, Mellanby hall, Nnamdi Azikiwe hall, the great independence hall, Obafemi Awolowo hall, queen Elizabeth hall, queen Idia hall, sultan Bello hall, tedder hall, Alexander brown hall.

These halls I just mentioned are meant for undergraduates. The postgraduate hostels are tafawa balewa hall and Abdulsalami Abubakar Hall.

In this article, we will only be talking about the undergraduate halls of residence, so, therefore, ensure you read to the end to be able to get the full list.

List Of UI Hostels That We Have in 2022

You can read more on the UI School hostel here.

Mellanby hall

 This is the first hall of residence at the University of Ibadan, this hall was built In 1952. No other hall of residence was built before this hostel.

One thing people love this hall for is that they respect them for being the first hall of residence in UI and it is named after the first vice-chancellor of the great premier university.

Tedder hall

This hall is famous for one thing only. They are famous because their restaurants provide good food. The chef in this restaurant is professional and they cook tasty and nutritious food for students, academic staff, non-academic staff, and visitors.

Even when post utme candidates come to the school for the first time and they taste this hall of residence food, they always want more because it is very tasty and yummy.

Some UI students will never eat from any other hostel apart from tedder hall simply because they can cook tasty and nutritious food. You will agree with me that they can cook very well when you are opportune to taste their food and other halls of residence food.

Kuti hall

This hall is known to be the hall of the rich guys. They are called the hall of rich guys because it is believed that before you can live in this hostel, you must have a connection with the school authority.

Sometimes if you don’t have a connection, it is believed that once you have money to settle those who are in charge of the accommodation allocation, you can always live in this hall.

This notion is not always true because there are so many students who are given this hall without any form of connection or settlement. Not only that, they always have stable electricity. If other halls did not have electricity, this hall will sure have electricity.

The workers washing their toilets are paid by the university and they ensure that they carry out their work diligently unlike other halls which they don’t.

Sultan Bello hall

This hall is also one of the oldest halls in UI simply because the buildings are very old. You could see it from the way it looks. This hostel is also unique for something, it is the only Hall of residence that has a Dom in the whole of UI.

This Dom has been used for different events over the years. some people who are not in any way associated with the hostel do make use of the Dom to do their events.

Queen Elizabeth hall

This hall has very pretty girls and these girls always behave as if they have made it in life, if you are not rich, don’t near this girls hostel because they will ridicule you except you are an alphamale.

It is also this girl hostels that alhaji’s and rich guys will come to in the night to pick them up for night parties.

Obafemi Awolowo hall

This hall was a mixture of boys and girls hostel before. It was what happened then when the school noticed students were getting pregnant for themselves that made the school revolve this decision and decided to make it a girls hostel only. They have the most beautiful girls in the whole of ui.

Queen Idia hall

This hall is quite similar with Awolowo hall except that they are kind of unique in their ways. Some nnamdi azikiwe hall guys calls them queen idiots mainly to savage them.

Alexander hall

This hall is specifically made for clinical sciences, if you are not from this department or faculty, you can never be in this Hall.

Independence hall

They are very noisy and rowdy. They love to abuse and make guest of passerby and this has made them to be famous in the university. They are the second most lively hall after nnamdi azikiwe hall. They are fond of calling themselves Indy.

Nnamdi Azikiwe hall

This hall is very lively, there is no time you will go there that you will not find them joking . they halso have intelligent ones among them. They are the most troublesome hall in the whole of ui. If this hall sneezes, other halls bows. They are the best when it comes to having fun inside the campus.

Once you are in this hall, you can never be bored. Even the university lecturers are fond of them and they are well famous for what they do, that is catching cruise inside the campus.

Whenever they are celebrating their Hall week, they always make it so interesting to the extent that other halls also participated with them. They call themselves Zikites.

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We hope we have been able to enlighten you about the premier university hostel. We believe you have been able to gain knowledge concerning the university undergraduate hostels and the type of culture they practiced in these hostels. If that is the case, kindly share this wonderful piece with your loved ones.

Perhaps if you have someone seeking admission into the University of Ibadan, ensure you send this piece to them so that they can know one or two things about this hostel.


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