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UNIOSUN School Fees 2022/2023 For Freshers & Returning Students

Trying to access the UNIOSUN school fees Portal for 2022 or maybe you have no idea on how much they pay per session?

In this article, you are going to see Osun state university school fees for different courses/departments.

Just look at university of Osun, the school fees is very expensive.

If an aspirant does not know their tuition fees, they may end up forfeiting their admission based on the fact that they might not be able to pay the tuition fees.

UNIOSUN School Fees 2022 For All Courses

  • For Science, Physiology and Anatomy departments, the school fee is 263,000 naira
  • For Engineering department, the school fee is 268,000 naira
  • For Accounting, Political Science, Business Administration, Economics, Industrial Relations, Personnel Management departments, the school fee is 253,000 naira
  • For Nursing Science, Law and Public Health departments, the school fee is 303, 000 naira
  • The tuition fee for other Courses is 228, 000 naira

How Much Is UNIOSUN Accomodation Fee?

It is 70,000 naira per session and it’s the same amount for all levels (100, 200, 300, 400, etc).

How much is UNIOSUN Acceptance fee?

The acceptance fee for freshers is N40,000 only (indigenes and non-indigenes).

Facts About Osun State University

Osun state university located in Osun south western Nigeria is a university run and maintained by the Osun state government.

The university was established in 2006 to operate after being approved by the national universities commission.

UNIOSUN has a number of campuses across different parts of Osun state.

Osun state university has no student affiliation and admits students irrespective of religious or cultural backgrounds, student’s body is diverse in terms of religious.

Read on:

The university offers bachelors and masters degree programs in courses cutting across, Agriculture, medicine, sciences, social sciences and law.

The University of Osun has a relatively large student and staff population.

Admission into Osun state university is very competitive as students from different parts of the country apply for admission.

Is Uniosun a state or federal university?

It is a state university. Most people normally think it is a federal university but it is actually not.

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