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Npower Transition Portal Login 2022/2023

NPOWER Transition Program 2022/23

The much-awaited Npower transition program for 2022/23 is finally here. We have been receiving calls and emails about when the application form will be out.

Well, as of now. The application portal has not been opened yet. We will let you know when it is eventually opened.

This is another latest development under Npower. It had a lot of advantages and benefits it gave to beneficiaries of Npower 2016-2017 simply because it helped them to get a permanent Job

Npower Transition Program
Npower Transition Program

Perhaps, if you are one of those beneficiaries that have benefited from the Npower platform, then this Npower Transition program is also the real deal for you because it can also help you to get permanent jobs.

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Of course, Nigerian youths know that the Npower platform has really benefited them and they know this platform has really impacted their lives. If you ask the beneficiaries of Npower, they will tell you how happy they are because this platform has really impacted them.

Things You Should Know About Npower Transition Program

1) It can help you to become a SANEF Agent

2) It can help you to start a business with a GEEP Loan

3) It can help you to become a teacher

4) It can help you start a farm or expand your farm if you already have one.

5) It can help you to become a data or field agent.

6) It can help you to be a Community Policeman through Npower Transition 2022

How the Npower Transition Registration is Done

  • Register or create an account at www.Npvn.npower.gov.ng
  • Then, log in with your details
  • After logging in, you can then locate the Npower transition page online, and then select any of the transitions that you would like.

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