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Lagos State Teachers Recruitment 2022/2023 Application Form

Lagos State Teachers Recruitment 2022

Our education sector is suffering greatly and one of the reasons why it is suffering is due to the high influx of quack teachers who are not competent enough.

The Lagos state government decided to take a step as regards this, they decided to recruit only qualified and competent teachers in Lagos state. If you specialize in this area and you need valid information on this, then you need to read this article to the end to get all the procedures you might need.

Lagos State Teacher Recruitment
Lagos State Teachers Recruitment

It has began and you can register asap on www.tescom.lagosstate.gov.ng. Tescom is known as the Lagos state teaching service commission and they are the ones in charge of recruiting competent and qualified teachers in our primary and secondary schools in Lagos state.

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Lagos State Teachers Recruitment Requirements 2022

  • National Certificate of Education (NCE).
  • B.SC, HND or OND qualifications and NYSC Certificate.
  • Must be Fluent in English Language.
  • Good Teaching Skills.

Note: Having a master degree in any related field or in relevant courses will also be an added advantage.

How to Apply for Lagos State Teachers Recruitment 2022

If you are interested in this, you should know that you have to be eligible first before applying. How do you know that you are eligible? It is by having all the requirements needed and the requirements have been listed in this article.

Also, Tescom will only shortlist candidates that have Met the standard before applying.

If you are eligible to apply, then visit www.tescom.lagosstate.gov.ng and register for the recruitment.

Lastly, please note that the form is not out yet. We will provide you with all the necessary details when the form is eventually out.

You can also visit www.tescom.lagosstate.gov.ng to get the latest updates.

How much does Lagos state pay teachers?

The Lagos state government pays teacher nothing less than N55,000 per month In lagos. In fact, Lagos pay their teachers more than the budgeted amount for teachers in Lagos which is N52,000.

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