OSUSTECH Resumption Date 2021/2022 for Freshers & Returning Students

OSUSTECH Resumption Date 2021: Dear beamers, do you believe in this quote which says “Ignorance is a big disease” You may agree or disagree with it but in this article, I want you to know why you must agree with the quote. I will share a story with you on why ” Ignorance Is A Big Disease”. I believe after reading this article, you will know why ignorance is a big disease and why not knowing about OSUSTECH Resumption Date 2021 is a big disease.

Once upon a time, There lived a boy who lives close to me in my former area somewhere in Lagos, Nigeria. This boy name is Temitope. He was an average student and he is a student who was not so good in mathematics. This means he always have issues with mathematics.

Temitope had been writing the Senior School certificate examination popularly known as WAEC for the past three years. He always manage to have a credit pass in all his subjects but he always fails mathematics. We all know that in Nigeria, if you don’t have a minimum of credit pass in English and mathematics, You are going nowhere with your Waec Result. This means you have wasted extra year. Such students will have to re-do the examination again.

This is what made the WAEC officials to come together and they decided on combining two Olevel result together in order to assist students to move ahead with their lives. I believed that combination of Olevel results is a welcome development and it had helped to save a lot of students ass. This combination of result also helped my ass back then when I was writing the Ssce examination.

Back to the story, Tope applied for another Ssce the following year. He studied hard and did the examination. When the result came out, He passed all his subjects as usual but failed mathematics again. Tope was very sad with this latest development. He felt like committing suicide. In fact he almost did. We should all know that feeling one has after studying hard for an examination, Ending up failing a course after studying hard will surely weaken one’s nerve.

OSUSTECH Resumption Date 2021
OSUSTECH Resumption Date Is Finally Out (Check Date Here)

Tope told his friends about his result and some of his friends taunt him with his result jokingly. Some said he will still be writing WAEC in the next 10 years. Their words were hurting Tope yet they kept on taunting him. This affected Tope mental health.

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The following year, Tope prayed to God to help him pass mathematics and he started attending maths tutorial both online and offline. When the exam came, he solved to the best of his capability. He knew after the examination that the time for his success has finally come. When the result came out, he had an A in mathematics and had B’s in other subject.

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He applied for OSUSTECH University during his Jamb registration. He murdered the Jamb examination. That same year, he gained admission. Everything was going smoothly for him. Tope became so calm and he loosed focus. He stopped making enquiry about the School like knowing when OSUSTECH Resumption Date 2021/22 will be? Knowing how much OSUSTECH Acceptance fee is?. He just kept on working and making money.

Little did he know that after gaining admission, the Resumption Date Is the following week. Tope thought the resumption date is still far. By the time he realized, the school is already in the sixth week. This means paying for acceptance fee and doing registration has ended. Automatically, Tope cried his soul out when he found out he had missed another year.

We know that there are a lot of Temitope out there. They are nonchallant on when The Ondo State University of Science and Technology Resumption Date will be. They always think once they have gained admission, their admission is guaranteed. Don’t ever be like Tope and don’t make this mistake like him.

Some OSUSTECH News Temitope failed to make enquiry on are OSUSTECH resumption date 2021, OSUSTECH academic calendar 2021, OSUSTECH Post UTME, OSUSTECH admission List, OSUSTECH admission portal, OSUSTECH recruitment, OSUSTECH school fees portal and other Latest news on OSUSTECH admission can be found out on Ondo state University of science and technology.

OSUSTECH Resumption Date 2021/2022 For All Undergraduate

The School management has agreed on making all New students and Returning Students who are running their Undergraduate programmes in the University to resume on the 26th of April, 2021.

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However, All students must note that Covid-19 protocols will be strictly adhered to while on campus. The use of face mask and hand sanitiser is compulsory by all students and academic staff.

We have come to the end of this article, we believed we have been able to reduce your curiosity. Do you still have any further questions, Just ask by dropping them in the comment box below. Thanks for reading!!!

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