Baze University Resumption Date 2021/2022 News

Baze University Resumption Date 2021

If you ask so many nigerians questions such as “do they know any higher institution called baze university”. The answer will be a loud NO! Dear readers, let me begin with you. I believe we are both in this country called Nigeria. Have you ever heard of any higher institution particularly a university called Baze University? You can keep your answer coming in the box at the end of this article. I am sure your answer will be NO.

Baze university resumption date 2021/2022
Baze university resumption date 2021/22 Session

resumption date for Caleb 2021/22

Perhaps, we have some people who will want to proof as if they know everything. Okay, let me ask you. If you know this university, then where is it located? Hey, I can see it from here, you have it in your mind of googling it. Don’t try it. Just answer my question from your heart. Don’t try to cheat, if you cheat. I will know. Don’t ask me how.

Lautech Resumption Date 2021/22

Well, the main reason for this article is mainly go discuss on this unpopular university Resumption Date. The date of Resumption will be announced by the school management when it is time and I am glad to inform you that the school management have already done that. They have announced the Resumption Date.
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BAZE University Resumption Date 2021

This is to inform you that the Senate have announced the date for 2021/22 Session. The new date of Resumption will be on the 8th of July, 2021. Other academic calendar news are as follows:

Induction and registration of new and returning students 5th – 13th September

Commencement of lectures for New and returning students 16th September

Independence Day 1st October

Commencement of 21B Examination Coming Soon

End of 21B Examination Coming Soon


Independence Day. (1 October)

About Baze University

Baze University is a distinctive quality-based educational institution making a difference in the Nation’s history through the positive impact of its service and graduates output.

Our Mission

To establish and maintain a more suitable academic environment, synergizing world-class human capital and best technology for creating and impacting knowledge to develop and modernize the Nigerian society.

Our Vision

To be a distinctive quality-based educational institution, making difference in the nation’s history through the positive impact of its services and its graduate output.

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