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UI Postgraduate School 2022/2023 Form & All You Need To Know

UI Postgraduate School 2022/2023 form, Tips On How To Apply, And Other Relevant Information

This is to inform the general public that the Postgraduate Form for 2022/23 Session is currently on sale. The form is only available for six weeks. If you have not yet register, kindly go ahead to do that now

We are glad to be one of those blog that will post about University of Ibadan Postgraduate School. This is so because we love passing relevant and credible information to people who needs them.

So therefore in this article, we will be sharing with you all the latest information you need to know about Ui Postgraduate School, not only that, we will also ensure we share only relevant and credible information in order not to mislead our readers.

Brief History

In 1952, The first postgraduate degree of the University Of ibadan was awarded. As at then it was still a University College and it still has a vital relationship with the University Of London.

In 1962, The University College upgraded to the Independent University Of Ibadan. We only had 64 students who registered for higher degree as at then. Some of them later transferred their registration to the Premier University Of Ibadan.

As time went on, the Senate of The University Of Ibadan established the higher degree committee mainly meant to handle the issue in the university and meant to recommend the faculty board to the pursuit of higher degree in the premier university.

In 1970, The Senate established the Board of the postgraduate studies, this is to replace the higher learning which was previously established to handle issues in the university.

Please note: Ui Postgraduate School is regarded as the best Postgraduate School in Nigeria and it has been confirmed that 27 percent of the labour force only get employed in the labour market if they have a postgraduate degree. So ensure you apply for ui postgraduate degree today to have higher chance of being admitted in the world of jobs.

Requirement For UI Postgraduate School Degree

To stand a chance of being admitted into the university, you should note that you need to meet some certain prerequisite before you can eventually be admitted or before you stand a chance of being admitted into the prestigious university of ibadan.

The requirement are as follows:

  1. You must be a graduate of any higher institution that is well recognised by the university of ibadan senate before you can apply for Ui Postgraduate School.
  2. The premier university will only admit you if you have been recommended by Appropriate Postgraduate faculty committee Of your institution
  3. You can only do the postgraduate degree of the prestigious university through fulltime mode, part time mode or occasional mode.

Candidates with second class upper or above has a higher chance of being admitted in the university.

Please note: Ui Postgraduate Form is now on sale for 2022/2023 Session. The form is only available for six weeks. Hence, if you are interested in applying for this form. Kindly do that As fast as you can.

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How To Apply For UI Postgraduate Degree

To apply for university of ibadan degree is not that difficult, all you need to do is to follow the steps below:

  • Go to Ui Postgraduate School Portal on http://www.pgcollege.ui.edu.ng/ to obtain the form
  • After that, go to http://pgsui.com/application/new_applicant.jsp to start your application process.
  • You will scan and upload all the relevant documents and personal details when asked to do so.
  • Ensure you carefully review what you have scanned and uploaded to avoid errors.
  • Then apply to any of the departments you wish to go for.

Things You Should Know About UI Postgraduate Degree

  • You will stand a higher chance of being admitted in the postgraduate degree if you have a minimum of the second-class upper.
  • You should note that you can apply for UI postgraduate degree in full-time mode, part-time mode, or occasional mode.
  • They will ask you for some documents when applying for it, some of them are Recommendation letters, acknowledgment slips, transcripts, and certificates.
  • The institution admits 40 percent of students for postgraduate degrees each year out of the total number of students admitted each year.
  • The Ui Postgraduate Degree Application Form Is Sold At 13,000 naira for academic programs.
  • Those who want to apply for Ui Postgraduate Degree Application Form For professional programs will pay 18,000 naira.,

As we said earlier, it is advisable to apply for Ui Postgraduate School because it helps a lot in boosting your cv in the labour market. Not only that, it gives you higher chance of being getting employed in the labour market.

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