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JAMB Result 2022/2023 Checker With Registration Number

Here is how to check jamb result 2022/2023 using only your registration number on the portal or via SMS.

The joint admissions and matriculation board has finally released the 2022 exam results.

Here in this article we would be telling you everything you need to know about JAMB Result 2022/23.

There’ are two ways you can check the examination result.

It’s either you can check through the shot code 55019 or you check it on the www.jamb.org.ng 2022 result checker portal.

If you are checking using the SMS code then here are what you need to know.

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How to check JAMB result 2022

NOTICE: There have been rumours going round that the results on SMS is fake and is different from that on the portal.

Please debunk such rumors as it’s not true.
Any result you get on the SMS is the same as that on jamb portal.

Jamb would never give a candidate different result.

So here are the steps used in the SMS method.

Step 1. Get the Sim you used in getting your profile code i.e the Sim you used in registering for UTME.

If you have misplaced the sim,then you can only check through the jamb portal.

Step 2. Make sure you have airtime of above 50 naira (₦50) on the sim.

Now most mistake candidate make when they don’t get their result after using the short code is that they don’t have enough airtime on their main account balance but they have airtime on their bonus account.

Having enough airtime on your bonus account is not the requisite for checking the results, you must have enough airtime on your main account balance ok?

Step 3. Type UTMERESULT And send to 55019.
Now some reports from some candidate says that you must type the “RESULT” In capital letters to get a faster response.

But we have seen cases where such things are not true.

It doesn’t really matter the capitalization you used in sending “RESULT” either small or big you will definitely get a reply.
But it’s adviceable you use Capital letters.

Step 4. You will get a 1st reply saying your request has been received and your airtime will be deducted then shortly you will receive another SMS carrying your details and grades for each subject then the total aggregate.

Note: If you don’t get a reply immediately try it after 24hrs .

Now there are some reply you might get from the code which you maybe surprised at.

Don’t worry we would explain it.

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1. If a candidate gets a reply as “HELD” then it means such candidate result was undergoing further screening.

It maybe due to irregularities that might have occurred with the candidate or the center during the exam.

Solution: If such candidate was sure he/she weren’t involve in any form of malpractice then the candidate should hold on.

But if after waiting for 2 weeks and such result is still being withheld without any message from Jamb then the candidate should report to the nearest jamb office or raise a support ticket.

2. If a candidate get a response as “ABSENT

It means such candidate didn’t participate in the exam.

But if such candidate was sure he/she wrote the exam and still got such reply then something else is wrong.

Solution: report quickly to jamb office close to you please not cbt center but jamb office.

3. If a candidate gets a reply as “CANCELLED

It means the board have confirmed the candidate was involved in malpractice.

Solution: If such candidate was sure he or she didn’t participate in any form of malpractice then the candidate should draw the attention of the board to look into it because it’s possible that malpractice was conducted in the cbt center without the awareness of the candidate.

4. “result pending due to upload of required documents
This means that such candidate result were still being verified and the candidate is required to upload some documents.

Solution: Visit your jamb portal using your mail address and password and upload the necessary documents you are asked to.

5. “invalid Entrance to the exam Hall” will be sent to candidate with unauthorized entrance to the exam.

Solution: If you know you entered the Hall same as other candidate then launch a complaint at jamb office.

If you ain’t satisfied checking your result through the SMS method you can check it on jamb website.

How To Check JAMB result with only registration number

Here you will be required to check the results using your mail address or registration number.

Simply follow the steps below.

Step 1. Visit the jamb portal to check results by clicking this link
(https://www.jamb.org.ng result 2022 checker portal )

Step 2. Enter your registration number and click check my result or enter your mail address and click check my result.

You can decide to print the result but that’s not the original result and can’t be used for admission.

Watch the video below to understand better

Is 2022 JAMB result out online?

The results would be released as soon as they are fully marked, scored and verified by board (JAMB).

It may take a while due to the fact that a lot of candidates sat for the JAMB exam this year.


This original result is the one that is used for admission processing and is the real evidence showing that you had the grades.

Here are the following step’s to print your original result.

You can either visit the cbt center and everything will be processed for you or you do it yourself.

To do it yourself follow these simple as ABC steps ?.

Step 1. Login to your jamb portal using your mail address and password.

Step 2. You will see your dashboard showing lots of boxes.

Step 3. Look for UTME original result, click on it you will see list of options showing you how to pay.

Step 4. Kindly note that the original result for 2021 cost 1000 naira apart from bank or remitta charges.

Follow the next steps that appear on your dashboard.

There has also been news reaching us that some results are being upgraded that people with lower scores can now have higher scores.


Jamb score upgrade is totally false and not true.

It’s not possible for anybody to have access to jamb portal.

Those people are out to scam candidate of utme who scored below their expectations.

They will collect your jamb details and edit your score for you.

Please don’t fall into the hands of this scammers.

JAMB Aggregate Score 2022/2023

As you should know that the total score in JAMB is 400 and it’s so hard to believe that since it was established in the 90’s, no candidate has ever scored that 400 or even 399.

To calculate your aggregate, add the scores you had in each subject (all the four subjects you registered for).

For example, if i scored 80 in chemistry, 60 in physics, 70 in English and 90 in biology. My aggregate is going to be 300.

That explanation was clear enough for you to understand.

How Many Times Can I Check My UTME Result For Free?

Some sites release fake news that it can only be checked at a maximum of 5 times. Debunk that info and read what i have to tell you.

You are not going to make use of any scratch card or pin checker.

There is no limit to the number of times you can use the JAMB result checker 2021 and it’s totally free.

I hope this article was helpful?

Do you have questions?

Do you have enquiries?

Kindly let us know in the comments box.
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