CALEB University Resumption Date 2021/2022 & Schedule For Physical Resumption

CALEB University Resumption Date 2021/2022

This University is one of the best private University in Nigeria. However, it is just a pity that Most students of this University do not know that they have already resumed. I know you are wondering how do I know this? I know because I have a lot of this University students who are living in my area.

I always ask them why are they not in school? Their answers to my question is that they have not resumed. This always baffles me and it always leave me speechless because I am wondering how I will let them know that the school has resumed since and in fact, they will soon start their exams.

I am wondering how I will tell them this without making any of them faint due to the shock they will experience from this news.

Hence, I have detected a way of telling them. I have decided to write about CALEB University Resumption Date for 2021/2022 Session. At least, when they read it online, it will reduce the level of shock they will experience than when someone told them about this.

Dear beamers, I am sure there are some students of this prestigious University that also needs this information. Please, be your brothers keepers. Kindly share this articles to them and let them know about the new development so that they will not stray like a lost dog.

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Caleb University Resumption Date
CALEB University Resumption Date 2021/22

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CALEB University Resumption Date For 2021/2022 Academic Session For Continuation Of The Semester

>>> All 300 level and 400 level students are expected to resume on January 25, 2021. It does not matter the Programme you are running in this University. Once you are in 300 level and 400 level. You have to resume on this date.

>>> Within January 29 to February 5, 2021. There will be examination for all 300 level students and all 400 level students of CASMAS.

>>> On February 8, 2021. Both 100 level and 200 level of this University will resume for their Physical phase also.

>>> February 12 to 18, All 200 level CASMAS students will be doing their examination.

>>> February 19, All 200 level CASMAS Students are expected to exit the campus after their examination.

>>> February 21, All 200 Level COPAS & COLENSMA students will resume

>>> February 24 to March 2, All 200 & 400 Level COPAS & COLENSMA Students will be doing their examination.

>>> March 3, 2021. All 200 & 400 level COPAS & COLENSMA Students will exit the campus.

>>> March 4 to March 12, 2021. All 100 level students will do their examination

>>> On the 12th of march, 2021. All 100 level students will exit the campus.

Note: The reason why all students are not expected to be on campus at the same time is because of the outbreak of Covid19. The school is doing everything possible to curb it.

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Dear readers, We hope we have been able to supply you the needed information concerning this school Resumption Date.

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