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Federal Fire Service Salary Structure 2022 (Monthly)

Federal Fire Service Salary Structure 2022

Hello, are you one of those who needs information on the salary that the federal Fire service collects every month. Better still, do you need this information for someone very close to you. Just keep reading if that is the case.

Knowing about the salary structure of this agency is very necessary if you wants to get employed by them. It will not be nice applying for a job without knowing how much you will be paid. It is always good to know how much you will be paid before applying for a job or at least have an idea of the salary range that you will be paid.

Federal Fire Service Salary
Federal Fire Service Salary

It is necessary to know a little this about this agency and we will describe them as short as possible so that you can have a glimpse of idea of what they do.

The federal Fire Service is an agency set up by the federal government of Nigeria. They are set up to stop any form of fire outbreak that may occur in any part of the country. They have their own hotlines in which people can call them on whenever they are on distress.

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Federal Fire Service Salary 2022/2023

  • Chief Inspector are paid N1,405,499
  • Deputy Chief Inspectors are paid N1,325,234
  • Assistant Chief Inspectors are paid N1,252,038
  • Principal marshal Inspectors are paid N1,143,539
  • Senior Marshal Inspectors are paid N1,058,416
  • Marshal Inspectors I are paid N777,846
  • Marshal Inspectors II are paid N548,387
  • Marshal Inspectors III are paid N393,442
  • Chief Fire Marshal Assistants are paid N966,761
  • Deputy Fire Marshal Assistants are paid N539,048
  • Senior Fire Marshal Assistants are paid N387,428
  • Fire Marshal Assistants I are paid N349,589
  • Fire Marshal Assistants II are paid N319,741
  • Fire Marshal Assistants III are paid N305,576

Note: The average salary scale is between N800,000 to N1,400,000 (We can say they earn within 50 to 150k monthly).

What is the work of the Nigerian Federal Fire Service?

Their work is to quench unwanted fire disaster of any kind in any parts of the country.

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