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Custom Salary In Nigeria for Year 2022

Once upon a time in a state in Nigeria, there lived a man called Tope. He was a very hardworking and honest man. However, tope has one disadvantage in him and that is not knowing the career he should go for. Tope just finished his masters degree programme and he went for various jobs interview and he was shortlisted for only three jobs which are a custom officer, a police officer and a driver at a big company.

Tope was confused because he does not know which job he should go for out of all the jobs he was shortlisted for. Tope is educated but he does not know the jobs that will be more advantageous to him.

He thought of being a police officer but he is scared that his life might be cut short due to the nature of the job. however he felt becoming a police officer would give him more exposure.

Personally, if I am tope, I will not want to become a police officer because of exposure, the risk attached to the job is just too much and the money I will be paid will be very little compared to the service I am rendering.

Also, He thought of becoming a driver but he does not know if the company he will be working with will be able to pay him a six figure salary. He made his assertion on this based on the fact that all his friends who are drivers in all this multinational companies are underpaid. None of them are collecting a six figure salary. At this point, tope is confused.

Custom Salary In Nigeria
Custom Salary In Nigeria

He also thought of being a custom officer but he felt he did not know much about the job. At this point, tope was confused and he does not know which job he should take out of the three jobs he was shortlisted for. He had a serious malaria from overthinking about this fact.

One major thing tope does not know is that being a custom officer Will help him to get more exposure with no risk attached. Also, he would gain so many benefits like getting free goods from the goods impounded.

Collecting some side payments apart from his salary and many more. He is also liable to get quick promotion in this type of job than any of the other two jobs he was also shortlisted for. So, I will advice tope to go for a career in being a custom officer.

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This is what prompt me to talk about the salary structure of being a custom officer in this article. However, there are some factors you must know about being a custom officer and they are Custom salary per month , Custom ranks and salary , HND rank in custom , what is salary of custom officer? , Customs new salary structure , Nigeria Custom Service allowances , Custom Police salary grade , Nigeria custom rank and salary , Custom ranks in Nigeria , Custom superintendent cadre Salary nairaland , Nigerian custom ranks and symbols , How many months is Nigeria custom training.

Custom Salary Structure In Nigeria 2022/2023

  • Customs Assistant is paid between N298,506 to N330,321
  • Assistant Inspector of custom are paid between N357,358 to N411,484
  • Inspector of Custom are paid between ₦483,014 to ₦567,065
  • Assistant Superintendent of Customs II are paid between ₦888,956 to ₦988991
  • Assistant Superintendent of Customs I are paid between ₦1,012,562 to ₦1,143,539
  • Deputy Superintendent Customs (DSC) Officer are paid between ₦1,094,027 to ₦1,252,038
  • Chief Superintendent Customs (CSC) Officer are paid between N₦1,158,172 to ₦1,325,234
  • Assistant Comptrollers are paid between ₦1,225,584 to ₦1,405,449
  • Deputy Comptrollers are paid between N₦1,619,447 to ₦1,825,589
  • Comptrollers are paid between ₦1,759,829 to ₦1,966,281
  • Assistant Comptroller-General are paid between ₦2,272,288 to ₦2,464,560
  • Deputy Comptroller-General & Comptroller General salary structure are not known because theirs are highly confidential. They are the highest rank in the custom job.

Note: The salary structure of the positions above are what they are paid yearly. The salaries structure are also calculated using the consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure.

Benefits and Allowances of Custom Officers

Some of the benefits that a custom officer enjoys are;

a) Transport
b) Meal Subsidy
c) Utility
d) Hazards
e) House Maintenance
f) Uniform Maintenance
g) General services
h) Torchlight
I) Detective
j) Hardiness Allowance
k) Plain cloth Allowance
l) Furniture Allowance
m) Personal servant for entitled officers

How much is custom salary in Nigeria

The salary structure is stated in this article. Check the uppermost part of this article for that information you need. However, you should note that the salary structure listed in this article is not specified hence we put it within the range the salary for each position will be yearly.

How long is Nigeria Custom Training

The training are not always specified but they are often not more than 24 hours. It depends on the modalities that are used.

What is the work of custom in Nigeria

The works of custom officers are numerous. Some of their works are to check and seize any unwanted goods coming or going out of the country. Collection of Revenue (Import /Excise Duties & other Taxes /Levies) and accounting for same. Anti-Smuggling activities and many more.

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