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Best States For NYSC Service In Nigeria 2022-2023

Best States For NYSC Posting & Most Frequently Asked Questions

The national youth service corp is a programme meant for graduates however due to the pandemic, the posting for 2022 is being slowed down and not fast like before.

Don’t blame the management of NYSC but blame the Pandemic called Covid-19. It has done a whole lot of negative things To The whole educational sector and to National youth service corps.

In this article, we want to talk about the best states for NYSC Posting. What this is implying is that the best states in nigeria that you can do your One year compulsory nysc service year without actually blaming yourself on the long run.

It also means the best states that you can do your NYSC without being dissapointed in the programme. It also means where nysc tends to be more enjoyable.

Over the years, corpers have been seeking information on this specifically. You cannot atually blame them because nobody likes suffering.

Everyone wants a favourable place. That is the case with corpers here. Otondo’s also seek information on Best state for NYSC 202.

This is what this article is actually about. Just read to the end to get the full gist. Also they seek information on NYSC state allowance 2022, How to get your desired state in NYSC. All this are questions or enquiries Prospective corpers seeks after online.

Otondos also seeks information on Is Delta State good for NYSC, How to navigate on Nysc portal & types of Nysc portal that we have.

They also asks questions on NYSC state allowance 2022, Best NYSC PPA in Abuja & Is Jigawa State good for NYSC. You will get most of the information corpers seeks after by reading this article to the end. Myschoolbeam.com.ng got you covered.

Best States For NYSC Service in Nigeria

  1. Abuja: In case you don’t know. Abuja is one good place to serve though we all know that abuja has a high standard of living coupled with high cost of things but one advantage about abuja is that it is very peaceful & comfortable to live in. Who wouldn’t like to serve in such a place. You will surely enjoy Abuja if you are posted there by NYSC. Trust me, you will.
  2. Cross River: I know some people might hiss after hearing cross river is one of the best states for NYSC Posting. Before you hiss. Let me give you the reason why i said so. Cross river is full of fun, the high cost of living is not that high. Cheap accommodation & inexpensive foods are also there. The last thing that tops the list is the good security in the states. So tell me after hearing all this. Woudn’t you like to be posted here for your compulsory one year service.
  3. Enugu State: Enugu is a complete state. It doesn’t have any bad attribute, at least none that I’ve heard of. Food is cheap, transportation is fair, and security is good. However, one of the problems that those who live in Enugu face is water. Because of its mountainous terrain, it is usually tricky to drill a borehole which kind of makes water challenging to get. Mind you; this is not present in all areas of the state.
  4. Niger State: This is one of the best states for NYSC posting. The reason is because sharia laws does not affect them here. They have more christians here than muslim & it’s the most “secure” state in the north. Generally, feeding and housing are cheap in the whole north and Niger isn’t an exception.
  5. Ogun State: It is no longer news that ogun state does not pay corpers. Nevertheless, it is one of the best states you can serve as a corper. My reason is there are several companies and several job opportunities for corpers. (Note, if you go for service early in the year, you may get posted to companies rather than schools).
  6. Lagos: In nigeria if you do not talk about lagos state then you have not talk about anything in the country. Lagos has its own Disadvantage like pickpocketing but you will enjoy your service year mainly because you will learn. Lagos will let you experience what life is truly is & you will surely get paid as a corper here.

How do I choose Nysc States?

During NYSC online registration. You will choose a maximum of four (4) states from different zones (see the zones below).

Then, NYSC will post you to one of the states you choose. However, note that there is no 100% guarantee that you will be posted to any of the four states you choose.

Which state pays highest in NYSC?

Anambra state is the state that pays prospective corpers the highest amount in all the states in nigeria.

How much does Lagos State pay corpers?

Lagos state Pays N15,000 and sometimes N10,000 to corpers in ministry and N5000 to those in LGA.

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