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JAMB Marking Scheme 2022 and Grading System Explained

Jamb Marking Scheme Guide 2022

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The new JAMB Grading System was adopted to consider those candidates who performed well in their O level results. this means that institution will now take O level grade into consideration when giving admission.

In the new grading system, A1 gives you 6 points while B2 gives 4 points leaving those who are struggling with Cs with just 3 points

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Does Jamb participates in Negative Marking?

There have been wide speculations about this issue which goes along to say, if a candidate did a guessing work and got a question wrong, a mark will be deducted from you. the aim of negative marking was to discourage guessing work in the hall.

I don’t think jamb substrate makes because you got an answer wrong.

Well it’s of my personal opinion that no such thing is in existence as it makes no sense at all.

What is Negative Marking?

In negative marking, if you fail or wrongly answered a question, it will automatically cancel one right answer.
However, we want to make it extra clear here today on myschoolbeam Nigeria, that JAMB does not support Negative Marking.

In-Jamb, you’re graded with the exact Mark you answered correctly.

How Jamb marking scheme works

For English language: Jamb mark their English language examination this way. For instance let us say you scored 45 In UTME and the total question is 60. Jamb will calculate it like this 45/60X 100= 75percent.

For the remaining three subjects: Jamb marks it this way, let’s say each questions for the remaining three subjects is 40 and each question carries 2.5 marks, jamb will calculate it like this 40/2.5 X 100. That is how they calculate Jamb.

What is the marking scheme for JAMB?

The marking scheme differs, for instance let’s take English language as an example. Let us say English has 60 questions . this does not mean the total mark will be 60 marks.

How will JAMB 2020 be marked?

It will still be marked the same way it gets marked. Each subjects carries 100 marks.
Does jamb use negative marking: No they do not.

Is Jamb adding marks for 2020 candidates?

No. they are not.

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