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JAMB Admission Letter 2022/2023 Printing, Cost & Deadline

The JAMB Admission Letter 2022/2023 can now be processed for successfully admitted candidates.

This service is only available to candidates, who have been offered provisional admission by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

Those candidates must have beaten the official JAMB cut-off mark of their choice of institution.

Your institution admission officer processes your admission, then sends your name and details to JAMB for admission.

You are advised to check and confirm your admission status before proceeding to print your admission letter.

The JAMB Admission Letter is a very important document which must be kept safe at all cost.

This article contains detailed information on the Admission Letter.

Stay with me!. Note that this service is not free. You will be prompted to pay a sum of one thousand (N1,000) only.

You are advised to save the file as a PDF for future reference.

How can I print my original JAMB admission letter?

To access the portal where you will print your admission letter, follow the procedure below:

STEP 1: Make sure you are using the google chrome browser.

STEP 2: Access your E-Facility Account via www.jamb.org.ng/efacility../

STEP 3: Click on the three dots or red upward arrow by the top right corner of the browser.

STEP 4: Click on desktop site“.

STEP 5: Input the e-mail address and password you used in registering for JAMB UTME/DE.

STEP 6: Click on log in“.

STEP 7: When logged in, several tabs appear, click on the ” check admission status” tab.

STEP 8: Then tap “access my CAPS“.

STEP 9: It automatically brings your CAPS dashboard. Note that this step is to check your admission status, before proceeding to view and print your admission letter.

STEP 10: Several bars appear on the left-hand side of your dashboard. Click on check admission status “.

STEP 11: If you have been offered admission, the buttons of acceptand rejectbecome active. Click on either of them to accept or reject your admission.

STEP 12: If you’ve accepted your admission, you can go ahead to print your admission letter.

STEP 13: Go back to the first page, of your e-facility account, then click on Print admission letter“.

STEP 14: At this stage, you will be required to pay one thousand (N1,000) only. After payment, you will be allowed to view and print your letter.

Information on your JAMB Admission Letter

The UTME Admission Letter contains detailed information about a candidate. It is an all-in-one document. It is used as proof that a candidate has been offered admission by JAMB.

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It is also a document required for NYSC Posting. That is, without your JAMB Admission Letter, you stand no chance of serving your country (Nigeria). This shows the usefulness of the admission letter.

The content of the Admission Letter includes;

1. Your full name

2. Your Institution

3. Your Faculty

4. Your Department

5. Your Programme

6. Duration of Programme

7. The body of the letter

8. A QR Code, to mention a few.

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Is the JAMB admission letter out?

You can only print your admission letter after you have been offered and accepted your admission via JAMB CAPS.

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How many times can you print the JAMB admission letter?

You can print more than one as long as you can pay for the second one, you are free to print it.

Unable to print the JAMB admission letter

You will only be able to print it out when you have accepted your admission on JAMB caps.

If you were offered a course different from the one you applied for, then you need to change the course before printing the admission letter.

How much is the printing of the JAMB admission letter?

You will pay a sum of one thousand naira ( N1,000) only to print your admission letter. It is not free.

Can I print an admission letter for a new program?

This is very common among students who gain admission for programs they aren’t interested in, they then change to another program the following year(in the same institution).

It is called the Change of Admission Letter. This service will also cost you some money. You can apply for it when you log in to your efacility account.

Have questions?… Let us know in the comment section. We’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

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