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JAMB Login With Only Registration Number 2022 Portal

You can now proceed to jamb login portal efacility 2022/2023 using only your registration number and password easily.

If you want to login to jamb portal, then you need to read this article.

Did you know that you could view your JAMB Registration details and also make specific changes with your mobile phone.

This will save you the time, energy, and money of going to a Cyber Café to perform such services.

This article will reveal to you everything you need to know about the JAMB student Portal.

Things You Can Do on JAMB Login Portal 2022

Let me make it clear to you that not all JAMB related activities can be done on your JAMB profile via your mobile phone.  Such exemptions will be made known to you later in this article.

However, some of these specific activities which you can perform on the UTME/DE portal are outlined below:

1. Checking of JAMB admission status;

2. Acceptance or Rejection of admission offer;

3. Change of course/ institution;

4. Checking of UTME Mock and Main JAMB Results;

5. Printing of admission letter;

6. Printing of UTME Main and Mock Examination Slip;

7. Part-Time Registration;

8. Sandwich Registration;

9. NOUN Registration;

10. Regularization of Admission;

11. Conversion of JAMB to DE;

12. Application for Transfers;

13. Application for condonement of illegal Admission. etc.

Please note that the services listed above are not all the services offered on jamb org ng efacility portal.

This means that when you login to JAMB portal dashboard, you will find other services, which were not listed above.

 Exemptions of Services offered on the JAMB Efacility Portal

Note that the services which will be outlined here cannot be performed at any Cyber Café, as the only place where these services are offered are JAMB accredited CBT Centres.

All services dome at the Cyber Café can be done on your mobile phone excluding printing of hard copy.

You are therefore advised to save any file which is required for printing as PDF file on your mobile phone, so you can print out later, at a printing centre.

Exemptions of services offered on the JAMB E-Facility login are;

1. JAMB UTME/ DE Registrations;

2. Uploading of O’Level Result. etc.

How To Login To JAMB Portal With Only Registration Number

You can access your JAMB Profile dashboard by clicking on (https://www.jamb.gov.ng/efacility../) .

Note that to access and perform some services on your portal, you have to change your browser settings to desktop mode.

A very good browser for this is google Chrome. To change to desktop site, via google chrome browser;

1. Tap on the three vertical dots or the red upward arrow located by the top right hand corner of your mobile phone;

2. Then you click on “desktop site“, and that’s all.

Desktop site settings makes all content viewed on your browser become just like the arrangement on a computer system or laptop browser.

You will be required to provide the e-mail address and password you used while registering for JAMB in order to access your e-facility profile.

How to know if O’ level Result has been uploaded on JAMB Portal

A lot of people ask this particular question and if you are among them, you will find your answer here.

To know if your O’ level results has been successfully uploaded on JAMB Portal, you can make use of your JAMB E-Facility dashboard. Follow these procedure:

1. After logging in, you will see a number of tabs, click on the tab with the heading ” Check Admission Status”;

2. After that, click on “access my caps”;

3. Make sure you’ve changed your settings to “desktop site” as explained earlier in this article. It is necessary to do so for this particular service;

4. Then a number of options will appear on the left hand side of your mobile device, tap ” view o’ level” and you will know if you have uploaded or not.

5. Also make sure your examination number is there. If it is not there, make haste and go to a CBT centre and do the needful.

How to print JAMB Admission Letter?

After successfully accepting admission on your JAMB CAPS, you can print your admission letter.

To be able to view and print your admission letter, you will be required to pay one thousand naira (N1,000) only to continue.

If you are using your mobile phone, make sure you save the admission letter as PDF, so you can be able to print it out later.

When will correction of data form be out on JAMB Website?

Changing of name, date of birth, course and institution.

To make any of the above changes, you will pay a sum of two thousand, five hundred naira (N2,500) and you will be allowed to do it.

Note that you can only make a change per payment. That is, if you make a mistake the first time, you have to pay again to redo it.

If you have any other questions, which has not been mentioned here, feel free to ask your questions in the comment section, as I will make sure I give you a suitable reply as soon as possible.

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  5. Pls I lost my phone number, the one I register jamb with, pls I want it to be replace with this new contact number 09064652329

  6. please sir I applied with ‘awaiting result’ during my registration i have uploaded my O’Level result on the JAMB portal so that my institution of choice will process my admission. i have searched online to see information concerning when my institution will start giving admission i only saw something a bit encouraging here but no actual date has been specified yet please sir how long do we intend to wait

  7. Please I’ve been trying to reset my jamb portal password and they said they sent a reset link to my email but I didn’t see anything,what is the problem?

      • Please I registered my DE forgetting that my NIN has three names why my order credentials have just two names
        But later went for correction of name in my NIN which was successful was then asked to go for correction of data in any jamb office which I did but was told to wait until after d pple dat registered for jamb have finished writing there exams
        I don’t understand

    • You can apply with awaiting result.. You do not have any problem at all but once your Olevel result is available. Take it to Jamb so that they can upload it for you… It is very important you do that when the time cones

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