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What To Do After NYSC Relocation in 2021

What To Do After NYSC Relocation 2021 

Now you are a graduate, the next thing is to go and do your one year compulsory Service year. You are based in lagos and you were relocated to borno to go and serve there.

You do not like where they transferred you to. We have actually write on this blog how you can apply for NYSC Relocation 2021.

What To do after NYSC Relocation 2021 Information

Kindly use the search button on our blog to get that article out on how you can apply for NYSC Relocation.

Now, this article is based mainly on what you should do next after NYSC relocation. Do you want to know the next thing for you to do then ensure you read this article to the end to get the full details.


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See What to do after Nysc relocation 2021 is successful

  • Once you apply for nysc relocation and it is successful, all you need to do now is to go to the new place you are relocated to then you will tender your relocation letter to them. After doing this, they will then appoint a place of assignment for you or they order you to find one for yourself.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Nysc online relocation

Relocation is done electronically. After the camp relocation, all other relocations are carried out three (3) months after the orientation course. The corps members must apply online and the State Coordinators appropriately recommend online too before the relocations are effected.

How does redeployment work in NYSC

It works after applying for the redeployment letter or relocation letter. After this you pay for it right there on nysc portal. Wait till you are approved. Once you are approved, take the redeployment letter to your new state you are reassigned to.

How do I check my NYSC redeployment

Go to portal.nysc.org.ng and log into your account on NYSC Nigeria website. When you are signed in, select ‘Relocation’. In the form that appears, fill in the fields with relevant information. Check the information you have entered and submit the form.

How do I reject a Nysc relocation 

If you applied for NYSC relocation and you are still in camp when you decided to change your mind, all you have to do is go to the camp commandant through your Platoon instructors or just go directly. You will need a good reason with a lot of Daddy please, he might cancel it for you.

What is Nysc remobilization

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) remobilization is meant for people who left NYSC during the previous batches, but are now ready to participate in the program.

How do I apply for NYSC maternity leave

Application for NYSC maternity leave is done through an official letter. The letter has to be submitted through Local Government Inspector (LGI). Note; the letter cannot be accepted if it is not properly addressed.

Can I go for NYSC twice

NYSC is a one-time experience, that is why you have a passing out parade. That means you have become a retired officer and can no longer go back into service.

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  1. Hi, what if a married woman that is also pregnant applies for redeployment and also fills an exit form,does she go back to her first state of deployment for passing out parade or does she go to her new state for the pop?

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