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NYSC Redeployment Letter 2022/2023 & How To Apply For It

NYSC Redeployment Letter 2022/2023 & All You Need To Know

There is no reason why you do not have to be scared whenever you are giving your NYSC Call up letter. The reason why i said this is because most times They post you to where you do not expect.

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They are fond of posting corpers to another state which is entirely different from the state they have always been. The reason for this is to harmonise the graduates so that everyone can have peace & be happy with one anothe

Some terms like Redeployment letter to employee, Letter of request for redeployment, Application for redeployment, Letter of redeployment of staff all seems similar but are quite different. So many graduates seeks after this information shortly after graduating from higher institution.

Some corpers seeks information on Medical report for NYSC redeployment, NYSC relocation 2022, Duration of NYSC relocation, Steps after NYSC relocation. Odd as this things might sound, people seeks information on them.

This has made so many people to always look forward to NYSC Redeployment letter which is also known as NYSC Letter of relocation. The reason for this is not far fetched, it is because most graduates do not like where they are posted to.

However, it is not all graduates that can apply for NYSC Redeployment letter.

Paradventure if they were able to apply for it, they might not be able to get reply from NYSC on the long run. Before you can apply for NYSC Redeploynent letter, you have to meet some conditions. The conditions are as follows:

  1. Health: You can apply for redeployment or relocation letter if you have issues with your health or when your health status does not support you travelling long distance. Of course NYSC will need proof so that they can genuinely know you are not trying to buy your way in. Some proof they might ask from you is doctor report.
  2. Marriage: When you just got newly married or when you are married at all, NYSC always consider such people for redeploynent letter. Of course NYSC knows distance is a barrier. That is one reason why they always consider this set of people so that they would not have any issue in their marriages.
  3. Security: Redeployment letter can also be issued on security reasons.
  4. DG directives: When the oga at the top of the national youth service corps get involved, they can easily give you your redeployment letter even without passing through any of the above conditions. This is why we say Connection matters.

When You Can Apply For NYSC Redeployment Letter

You can apply for relocation/redeployment letter through two ways and they are

1.  While On Camp: You can apply for this while on camp when corpers are being orientated on NYSC. During the orientation exercise, corpers can fill the Relocation letter, however they should note they meet the conditions above before they apply for it so that it will not lead to waste of time for them.

They’ll have to fill a form stating reasons for wanting to redeploy/relocate and other details. An evidence will be required with the form submission as well as an application letter.

There are some requirement needed for the application procedures and they are as follows:

  1. Application Letter
  2. Questionnaire stating particulars and reason for redeploying
  3. Evidence for reason to redeploy (e.g Marriage Certificate or Health Certificate)

2.  Online: It is also possible to apply for Relocation letter online. Most corpers prefer doing it online because it is not all of them that are present during the orientation programme.

However, we have some procedures or steps you must follow if you want to Apply for the relocation letter online and they are as follows:

How To Apply For NYSC Relocation Letter

  1. Visit the NYSC portal
  2. Sign in with your email and password; same as the ones you earlier used in registering on the portal.
  3. Click on “Relocation”
  4. Fill in your details appropriately into the fields provided.
  5. Wait for notification either by SMS or email on your application status
  6. If your application is approved, you’ll be notified by SMS or email as well.
  7. If your application is not approved you have nothing to do than to move on with life but if it is Not approved, then you have to follow the steps below to print your NYSC Online Relocation and Redeployment Letter:

How To Print NYSC Redeployment Letter

  1. Visit the NYSC Portal
  2. Log in with your details
  3. Select “Manage Relocation”
  4. Make payment
  5. Print your payment receipt. It’s your evidence of payment in case any unexpected issue arises latter.
  6. After payment you’ll see an option to print redeployment/relocation letter
  7. Print the letter and make a copy
  8. Take it to your new State of deployment.

How do I write a redeployment letter to NYSC

This is not difficult. It is a formal letter. A formal letter are letters we write to people at high position or people who we are not close with.

It could also be a letter written mainly for business purposes. To write this type of letter, you will need two addresses. The people you are writing the letter to which is NYSC.

Their address will be at the top right corner of the page while yours will be at the lower left corner of the page. Then you input your Dear sir/ma since you don’t know the gender of the person you are writing to.

After this you write the purpose of why you are writing this letter below your dear sir/ma immediately after the comma after it. Then you write your letter and end it with your’s faithfully, your name & signature below each other consecutively. That is all.

How do I check my NYSC redeployment letter

  1. Go to portal.nysc.org.ng and log into your account on NYSC Nigeria website.
  2. When you are signed in, select ‘Relocation’. In the form that appears, fill in the fields with relevant information.
  3. Check the information you have entered and submit the form.

How does redeployment work in NYSC

It is a process which will be initiated by the corp member. After he apply for it, if he is given the go ahead, he will have to go online again to print out the letter on nysc portal. That is the way it works.

How do you address a letter to NYSC

An example is this below, Dear Mr. Name, I am writing to request an NYSC member Member’s Full Name (First and last name) with the call up number (NYSC details about this member) and state code (the correct details) to serve in our company. Our management believes his/her posting to our firm will be helpful and useful to us.

What can I do after NYSC redeployment

The next thing to do after NYSC relocation is to go to your new state and tender your relocation letter to them. They will then give you a Place of Primary Assignment or ask you to find one by yourself.

How do I check my NYSC redeployment status

Visit portal.nysc.org.ng. Log in with your Email address and password used during the registration. Click on the Relocation Status, if your request has been approved.

Dear readers, thanks for reading on NYSC Redeployment Letter. We hope you have been able to get one or two information on this.

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