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How To Print NYSC Green Card 2022/2023 Online

NYSC Green Card 2022-2023 & Latest News

One factor most nigeria corpers don’t take notice of is the printing of the NYSC Green Card. So many people are like what is the essence of this green card. Some will even tell you it is not compulsory.

Some sees it as just a card. But they are mistaken.NYSC Green Card is very important and is compulsory for corpers to print it once they have successfully registered for the NYSC programme.

You may not print it if you know you are only registering for NYSC but you are not going camping which is quite impossible. There is no way you will register for NYSC and you won’t go for camping. It is compulsory for you to go camping.

Perhaps, You might be wondering What is Nysc Green Card? Well, The card is an acknowledgement slip that shows that you have finally completed The NYSC Mobilisation registration. Not only that, this card shows that you have successfully paid for Call Up Letter. 

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But we would talk about some of them. All we need from you is to ensure you read this article to the end to get the full information.

How to print NYSC Green card 2022

  1. Visit https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc3/ResumePayment.aspx
  2. Enter your email and password (created during the registration), then log in
  3. You’ll be on your dashboard by now. There, you will see the option to print the green card at the top and call-up letter below (Note that call-up letter will only be available as at the time announced by the body).
  4. Click on the “print slip” to download and print it.

Things You Must Know About This Green Card

  1. The first thing you will need is a Pdf reader or adobe reader installed on your phone or computer before you can download and print it out.
  2. When most corpers hears Green card, they always think the card must be entirely green. No, the card does not need to be green. Though we do have some text highlighted in green. However, it is compulsory the card should be printed in colour for it to be accepted at the camp.
  3. If you’d completed your NYSC registration but you didn’t pay for the call-up letter, the green card won’t be available for printing.
  4. If you pay for the call-up letter at the early time of NYSC registration (i.e within the first few days), your green card may not be loaded immediately. It usually takes a few hours or a day before you can print.
  5. Your NYSC call-up number will be made available on the green card.

How Long Does It Take to Get NYSC call up number?

You will get your Call-Up Number as soon as your Call-Up Letter is ready, this should take 5 days to 1 week prior mobilization.

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