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AMOTEKUN Recruitment 2022/2023 Application

AMOTEKUN Recruitment Portal 2022

To start with, Amotekun is a newly launched south west security network. You must have been hearing amotekun if you live in the south western part of Nigeria.

Well, they are just a local security network that protect lives and properties in the southern western part of Nigeria.

The good news is that these set of people called the amotekun’s have been doing their duty judiciously. Not only that, they have been protecting lives and properties in the southern western part of Nigeria.

Before the establishment of Amotekun, the crime rate in this geo political zone is alarming but since it’s establishment, things have changed for good.

In fact, people in the south west area of Nigeria can now sleep wholeheartedly without fear of being attacked or maimed.

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Amotekun Recruitment Portal
Amotekun Recruitment Portal

Requirements for Amotekun Recruitment 2022

If you want to apply for this recruitment exercise, there are some basic things you need to take into consideration and some of them are;

1) Interested candidates must possess a first school leaving certificate (FSLC)
2) He or she must possess a senior school certificate examination
3) Applicants must have Any of the following Waec, Gce, Neco or Alevel
4) Candidates must possess a National diploma or Higher national diploma
5) Applicants must possess a bachelor degree or any of it’s equivalent.
6) You must have a birth certificate from church, Lga or hospital
7) Candidates must have a means of identification
8) You must possess a recommendation letter from a reputable organization which must state that you are of good character.
9) You will also be required to fill a guarantor form and it will be submitted after filling it.

How to apply for Amotekun Recruitment 2022/23

Interested applicants who are living in any of the following state (Ogun, Osun, Lagos, Oyo, Ekiti or Ondo) will not find it stressful to apply for this exercise.

Note: All the traditional rulers and community leaders in your state would be made to sign as guarantors of whoever we want to recruit into Amotekun in the state.

Things to Note About Amotekun

1) Amotekun simply means leopard in Yoruba.
2) Amotekun is established to work alongside other security agency like the police, the civil defense and many more in order to protect lives and properties and to reduce crime to the barest minimum.
3) Amotekun is different from Oodua people’s congress. Many people thinks they are the same thing but they are different.

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