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Requirements To Study Law In Nigeria 2022

Requirements to study law in Nigeria You must meet>>> In this article, we will be giving you some basic requirements you must meet if you want to study in law school. They are the criteria you need to put into consideration if you are serious about being a lawyer.

Things you must know about studying law in Nigeria

  1. You must read as if your life depends on it: Maybe you have some idea that there would be a lot of reading while studying law. But you have no idea how much time law students spend reading. Law students read an awful lot! Maybe that’s why many lawyers use spectacles. Be prepared to study long and hard hours as a law student.
  2. You never stop learning: Legal studies and practice require constant reading, and a lot of emphasis is placed on updating knowledge and staying current. The more up-to-date you are, the more relevant you are in the field.
  3. Law textbooks are not cheap: Law texts include articles, journals, publications, constitutions, case law files, and a host of textbooks and publications. And they are all known to be quite expensive, and highly relevant for your coursework.
  4. You must spend one extra year in Law School: Once you are through with your undergraduate law degree, you are required to proceed to law school for further studies, usually not more than a year. It is similar to the one-year residency that medical doctors spend in hospitals in the concluding parts of their medical education.
  5. The practice of law takes hard work: While law schools can teach you the law, the application to real-life situations which involves judgment calls, the need to identify what the client wants and what is in the client’s best interests, and the responsibility of making decisions that actually affect a person’s life, are all new challenges.

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Requirements To Study Law In Nigeria 2022

    1. You must ensure you have a good O level result which must not be more than 1 sittings and which must have the right subject combination for your course of study, having an incorrect subject combination can lead to you not being admitted to law school.
    2. You must ensure you score high in UTME and most importantly you must ensure you beat the cutoff mark for your school of choice. We always advise our readers to score high because Law is a very competitive course and it is always survival of the fittest.
    3. You must also ensure you apply for your school post-utme exercise, you must also ensure you score high for the exercise.
    4. Direct entry must also have relevant requirements needed, some of them are they must have a minimum of two A level passes and also have a national diploma or HND or NCE degree at not less than lower credit. Though it is not all university that accepts lower credits.

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