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Waec Result 2022 Duration For Admission

Waec Result Duration For Waec

You are welcome to the no 1 educational blog in Nigeria. Today, we want to discuss on how long Waec Result or any Olevel result can be used for admission.

There are some rumours that Waec Result is only valid for 10 years for admission. This is a lie from the pit of hell. If you want to know how long you can use your Waec Result or any Olevel result for admission. Kindly ensure you read this article to the end.

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Waec Result duration
Waec Result Duration

Before we move on into this article, let me tell you a story that relates with this article. Once upon a time, there lived a boy in aresa kingdom in osun state. His name is igwe. He was a brilliant boy when he was young and he was still brilliant till when he reaches Ss1.

However, things changed when he reached Ss1. He finds it hard to concentrate and focus on his studies. He could no longer grab information like he used to grab it before. This affected him till he reaches Ss3. He was having poor grade regularly.
He just managed to reach Ss3.

On getting to Ss3, he did his senior school leaving certificate with his peers and when the result came out. The whole class passed except him. He failed six subjects of of 8 subjects he wrote for the exam. He only passed igbo language & Agriculture science. He failed other salient courses.
He was sad with this because he had wasted his poor parents money, after that he did waec again, he failed also.

He did waec like 7 more times yet still fail. This means igwe have done Waec ten times. In the ten Waec he did, he wanted to combination of result but the result he wants to combine with is the Waec Result he did ten years ago.

It was at that moment he was hearing rumours that Waec Result or any Olevel result can only be used for ten years, after this. It is no longer relevant. This was what prompted him to get another form. Of course, this time around, his parents has given up on him. He was the one that labored & got money for his 11th Waec.

Read On;

Igwe lived in ignorance if not he would not have done the 11th Waec. The 11th Waec is pure waste of money and time. He would have used the money he used for registration to prepare for school little by little. However, he failed to get information that once you have a Waec Result. You can use it forever.

The time of using Waec for only ten years has passed away.

Note: Waec Result can be used forever as long as the result is genuine.

How many years do Waec last

The examination last for more than ten years. It last forever. You can use it as long as you are alive.

Can Waec Result Change

No, it can never change. Don’t be deceived by scammers who deceives you that they can help you to upgrade or modify your Waec Result. It is not possible.

How long does It take for WAEC Certificate to be ready

It takes more than six months for it to be ready, sometimes it takes more than a year. If you are in need of Waec Certificate urgently maybe for admission processes. Ensure you apply for WAEC Attestation of result instead.

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  1. Thanks for this
    I’ve once be a victim of the biggest lie, that waec result last for ten years.
    You’ve opened my eyes to this brilliant truth, and i am grateful.
    Now i can move ahead.

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