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NALDA Recruitment Registration Portal Login 2022/2023

NALDA Registration Form Portal 2022

I will categorically say that NALDA is a platform that accepts young Nigerians who want to participate in the National Agricultural Land Development Authority recruitment exercise.

However, they should know that this platform is just a volunteer program whereby those recruited or beneficiaries will only hold the job for six months. After this, they will be empowered greatly with funds to pursue their dream in that field.

Nalda registration form portal
Nalda Registration Form Portal


NALDA is a short form for National Agricultural Land Development Authority scheme. So whenever you heard of NALDA, you should know that is what It represents.

Nevertheless, this program called NALDA is designed for young Nigerian youth in order to integrate or adjust the youth to be interested in the agricultural agenda by the government so that they can diversify from focusing on oil-focused sector only.

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Through this program, 100 Nigerian youths from each local government in all the 36 states federation will be shortlisted and empowered with funds that will enable them to go into farming. At present, we have nothing less than 774 local government councils.

If we are to multiply that, we will be getting like 774,000 Nigerian youths that will be empowered through the use of this program. This is just for the first batch alone.

The good news is that there will surely be a second batch and in the second batch, more people will benefit from this program because the federal government is aiming at empowering within the range of 1.5 million people to 2 million people and this is all due to the fact that the federal government wants to revolutionalize the agricultural sector.

NALDA Recruitment Requirements 2022

a) You must be a Nigerian before you can participate in the program or get shortlisted for the Job.
b) Don’t be deceived, the more educational certificates you have, the higher your chance of getting the job. There are preferences to that.
c) Birth certificate or age declaration age is also needed for the program.
d) Certificate of Origin of state & Local government area certificates are also required.
e) Nigeria youths between the age of 18 to 35 are the ones who will be shortlisted for the job as long as they are interested in the agricultural sector.
f) Having good communication skills by speaking fluently in English is also required.
g) Good behavior is also a necessity
h) Ensure you have a valid Bvn
I) Have a valid means of identification. Very important.

How to Apply for NALDA Recruitment

Visit www.nalda.ng or www.nalda.ng/buhari-young-farmers-network and fill the form.

Note: The programme is set up in order to train young Nigeria youth to become farmers so that they can be well trained in providing food for Nigeria thereby leading to nigeria food sufficiency.

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