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JAMB 2023/2024 Registration Form Date & Latest News

Is JAMB 2023/2024 registration form out? In this article I will explain everything you need to know about registering for JAMB CBT and also give you the precise starting, closing and examination dates.

This article contains every information you need to be aware of, concerning the JAMB Registration.

To register for the JAMB UTME/DE, there are a number of steps to follow. No step must be missed.

Stay with us to know how this works. This article contains the pre registration, registration and post registration stages.

Every section is made up of a detailed and comprehensive guide towards a glitch free  registration.

Things To Do Before Getting JAMB Form 2023

These are basically the things you need to do before proceeding to any accredited CBT center for the registration.

1. Get your NIN [National Identification Number]

Go to any NIMC office or NIN registration centres near you to get your nation identification number which will be needed for your profile.

The registration is free and may take a while before you can get yours.

2. Get your JAMB profile Code

Following the release of JAMB form, the next thing to do as an aspiring candidate is to obtain a profile code. The profile code is a ten digit number assigned to every candidate. Note that no two candidates can have the same profile code.

To get create your Jamb profile, send your NIN number to 55019. After sending the message, you will receive a confirmation message.

3. Purchase your JAMB E-pin

After successfully obtaining a unique profile code, the following step is to purchase your E-pin. The E-pins can be purchased from accredited agents like commercial banks. You can also purchase the pins online directly from JAMB at www.jamb.org.ng/eFacility/CandPay/InitPay .

You will be required to pay a sum of three thousand, five hundred naira (N3,500) only, to get this pin. This pin will be required to give you access to your JAMB form.

After you click on the link, you will be redirected to a page, where you will be required to input your profile code.

After imputing your unique profile code, you  make payment, and your pin is sent to the phone number which was used to obtain the profile code. Not that, your e-pin becomes automatically connected to your profile code. That is, you can’t use someone else’s e-pin.

If you are done with this stage, then you should proceed to the next registration process.

How To Register For JAMB 2023

This stage is all in one. It is completed in a day. After securing your e-pin, proceed a to a JAMB accredited CBT Centre for your registration.

On arrival at the CBT centre, you will be asked to pay a sum of seven hundred naira (N700) only. It must not be more than seven hundred naira.

This is the maximum price that the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has told all accredited CBT centres to charge candidates for their registration.

After the payment of seven hundred naira to the CBT centre, you will be allowed to go in and continue your registration.

During your registration, you will be asked to provide your profile code; e-pin; full name; date of birth, e-mail address, and most importantly, your O’ level result.

Regarding your name, make sure the name you will provide is in the exact format you used in obtaining your profile code. Also, make sure you provide a valid e-mail address, which has not been previously used for JAMB UTME/DE Registration.

If peradventure, you use an e-mail, which doesn’t exist, here is what you should do.

Create a new email account with the same address, of the e-mail you used for your registration. You will be on a safer side if you do this.

If you wish to write the mock examination, make sure you let the staff attending to you be aware on time. If you are filling in your details by yourself, when you get to the section “mock examination“, use the mouse to click on the box in front of it. The system then ticks it for you, meaning you have applied for the mock examination.

Now on getting to the section where you will be asked to provide a password, you are advised to use your surname or anything you can easily remember as password.

Many candidates, end up forgetting their password after using a long and confusing password.

Then on the O’ level result part, make sure you take the hard copy of your o’ level result with you to the registration centre. This is because, you will be required to scan your result.

So do well not to leave it behind. Although, you can come back later to upload the results, if you unknowingly leave the hard copy at home.

Ultimately, keep the SIM you used in obtaining the profile code safe!…We’ll get to know the reason for this in the post registration stage.

In case you want to use awaiting result for JAMB registration, it is allowed.

How Much is JAMB Form 2023/2024?

While at the registration centre, you will pay a token of five hundred naira to claim your novel. In summary, you will be paying:

JAMB E-pin = N3,500

JAMB Novel = N500

CBT centre service charge = N700

Total = N4,700

So the whole amount you will be paying is four thousand, seven hundred naira (N4,700) only.

When is JAMB 2023/2024 registration starting?

The registration will commence on the date given by the board which has been said to be 19th February 2023.

Make sure that you register very early for the exam as soon as possible.

When is JAMB form closing for 2023?

The closing date for JAMB registration been announced by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board as 26th March 2023. As you should know that the deadline will not extended or postponed by the board no matter what..

After JAMB Registration What Next?

The last but definitely not the least, is the post registration stage, which will be more detailed and comprehensive than the others.

1. Printing of JAMB Examination Slip

The examination slip is popularly called second print-out or reprint. It is very much different from the slip you collect after your registration at the CBT centre. Unlike the first slip, the examination slip contains your JAMB exam date, centre and time.

Without this second slip, you won’t know anything about your examination centre, time and date. More so, you will be told to submit it at your examination centre after you are done with your examination.

The examination slip printing commences a week before the main examination begins. You will be notified via e-mail when it is time to print your exam slip. Hence, one of the reasons why you have been told to provide a valid email address.

This service is absolutely free. You will only pay to the cyber café for printing. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board won’t charge you anything.

Note that the number of applicants and the time of registration can affect your examination centre. So you are advised to register as early as possible, so you don’t get placed in a centre far away from where you reside.

2. Main Examination

After printing your exam slip, the next thing is to go for your examination(details will be on the exam slip).

You are advised to make photocopies of all your documents including the examination slip, as you will be asked to submit it at the examination centre.

3. Checking of UTME Results

Your results get to be released two days after your examination. You can either check it online via www.jamb.org.ng/eFacility/ or make use of SMS. If you prefer to check it online, follow these steps ;

1. Access the result checking portal via the link above.

2. Enter your JAMB registration number or the e-mail address used for your registration.

3. Click on “check my results”

4. Your results will pop up.

On the other hand, if you are want to check it via SMS, follow these steps;

1. Make sure you are using the phone number you used in obtaining the profile code, and you have at least 50 naira airtime on your balance.

2. Send “RESULT” to “55019” .

3. You will receive your result within minutes or hours.

Is JAMB form out for 2023?

The form is currently not out, therefore you can’t be able to purchase it at the moment. However, this post will be updated frequently when JAMB form is released.

What is the novel for jamb 2023?

In JAMB 2022, the life changer was the novel that was used. It is possible that it will also be used for 2023 JAMB CBT.


Now, let me take you through some questions candidates ask me frequently. The replies are also embedded therein.

Can I purchase my E-pin offline?

Yes, you absolutely can! Just walk in to a commercial bank, and tell the attendant that you want to purchase a JAMB E-pin. Pay to them, and get your pin.

You can also purchase your e-pin from agents.

Is JAMB Mock compulsory?

No, the mock exam is not compulsory at all.

Can I purchase the E-pin at the registration centre?

No! You must have purchased your E-pin, before going to the  registration center at all.

How can I pass JAMB 2023?

Download the latest JAMB syllabus pdf here, read your books and apply my tips to help you pass the exam.

I made a mistake in my course/institution, is there still a solution?

Fortunately, there is a solution. If you make any mistake in your name, gender, institution, course, local Government Area, state of origin etc., The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has created an avenue to correct data like this.

This form is known as the correction of data form.

The correction of data form comes out after the JAMB cut off marks have been released. This service is not free. You will pay for it. Bear it in mind that the correction of data also has a limit to the number of times you can do it.

I forgot to register for the Mock Examination, Can I still register?

No! There is no solution to that. The mock application form comes with the main registration form.

Therefore, if you submit your application for the main examination without selecting mock examination, you can’t go back again.

Just forget it!

That will be all for now. I hope you grabbed a lot. However, if you have questions which you are not clear about, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We’ll answer you as soon as possible.

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