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How To Change Your WAEC Date Of Birth 2022

WAEC Date Of Birth Made Easy

Over the years, it has been a custom every year for students to ask questions on if it is possible they can change the errors in their result or certificate such as errors in their names/Dob. It could be that it is a single initial in their names that is incorrect.

However, because of this, has rendered such certificates useless. Not only that, but errors in date of birth can also render a Certificate useless.

It is important to note that the arrangements in your names on your certificate must tally with other documents you might have. Failure to do this can make you lose your admission or delay the process of what you want to use that certificate for.

Waec Date of birth
Waec Date Of Birth

Also, Your date of birth must tally with the same date of birth in your other documents because, during clearance, these little things are what the school management will look after. If any error or issues is found, It can lead to a delay in the path of having a successful clearance on time.

Read on;

Requirements Needed For The Amendment Of Any Errors In Your Waec Certificate/Result

1) Original Birth Certificate / Declaration of age as Sworn Affidavit
2) Original Certificate
3) Affidavit for correction of names
4) Letter from the school principal
5) A sum of N10, 000 (Ten thousand Naira)

Original Birth Certificate: This is a colored certificate of birth that is given after you were born at the hospital. It must have your full names embedded on it. This is the first thing Waec officials will ask from you when you visit their office or headquarter.

Original Certificate: The certificate you want to make corrections on must be submitted to them so that they can make the necessary corrections needed.

Affidavit for corrections of name: It is important to go to a high court to do some affidavit. After doing this affidavit, ensure you take it along with you to the Waec office.

A letter from the school principal: This letter is an application letter which will be written by the principal of the school you did the Waec. The letter will inform the Waec office that you want to make a change to the errors found on your certificate. Not only that but other information will also be provided in the letter by your school principal.

A sum of N10,000 will be paid: As we all know that over the years, money solves problems. Not only that, money answereth all things. Of course, we cannot just go to Waec’s office without holding any money. It is money they will use to help you to do all the necessary corrections and also they will want to have their profit in doing transactions with you as well. So it is necessary to take this amount with you when going. It is even better to take more than N10,000 with you because things might have changed.

How to change name/date of birth in WAEC results

We have different steps for school candidates And private candidates and the steps are as follows;

Private Candidates

  • Go to the Waec office nearest to you.
  • Let the staffs there know that you want to correct an error in your Waec result.
  • Hand over all the requirements listed Above to them with your N10,000.
  • After this, you will be informed to come back later to get the corrected result.

Note: Ensure you keep checking up on them to know how far they have gone with the correction because if you dont disturb them. It might take more time than you expected.

School Candidates

  • Go to the school you did your Waec and inform them that you want to make some corrections to your Waec Result.
  • Go with all the required documents needed
  • Your school principal might ask for money more than the required fee.

What You Should Do If You Need Your Waec Certificate Quickly

You should go to Waec office and inform them you lost your certificate, they will give you Attestation of result and you can also use this result for anything.

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