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Jamb Courses Without Chemistry 2022/2023

Jamb Courses Without Chemistry 2022

Do you know that there are some courses you can study in Nigeria universities even without having a credit pass in chemistry. I always tell people that as long as you have a D7 or E8 in chemistry, you can always study some courses in Nigeria universities.

However, having an F9 in chemistry may not give you the chance to study these courses, hence you must struggle to have a minimum of a pass in chemistry before you can plan to study the courses that will be listed in this article.

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Another important factor to fight against is ignorance. There are some students who keeps writing waec every year just because they could not get a credit pass in chemistry. They are unaware that even that pass in chemistry, they can be able to gain admission into some courses.

Jamb Courses Without Chemistry
Jamb Courses Without Chemistry

However, because they are unaware of this information, they keep wasting their time year in year out.

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We don’t want you to waste your time like them neither do we want you to live in ignorance and that is one major reason why we decided to update you by writing about it on our blog. If you want to learn more about the courses, keep reading. This article is detailed enough for you.

Jamb Courses You can study without chemistry in 2022/23

  • Agricultural Science and Education
  • Architecture
  • Building
  • Building Technology – Under Engineering
  • Computer Science – Under Engineering
  • Home Economics and Education
  • Industrial Mathematics
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Project Management Technology
  • Technical Education
  • Vocational and Technical Education

Details About Some of the Courses

Agricultural Science and Education Course

√ In ekiti state university and university of calabar, both university accept a D7 or E8 in chemistry.

√ UNN & Edomok also accepts a D7 & E8 in chemistry.

Architecture Course

√ In futa, you need a minimum of five credit passes in English, maths, physic and any two other subjects from Architecture Course. However, It is important that all candidates have a minimum of D7 or E8 in chemistry.

√ Uniosun also requires a minimum of five credit in English, maths, physics and any other two subjects from Technical Drawing, Chemistry, Geography, Fine Arts, Economics and at least a pass in (D7 or E8) Chemistry.

Building Technology – Under Engineering Course

√ Covenant university also requires a minimum of 5 credit in English, maths , physics & any other two subjects from Chemistry, Economics, Technical Drawing, Further Mathematics, Geography, Land Surveying, Building Construction, Biology and Agricultural Science. A minimum of D7 or E8 is also required in chemistry.

Computer Science

√ Bells University of Technology, Otta requires five SSCE Credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Economics/ Geography/ Biology. A pass in Chemistry is acceptable and so on…

Which engineering does not require chemistry

Engineering courses that does not require chemistry is Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

Can I study physics without chemistry

Yes, it is possible to study physics without chemistry but at the beginning of your career in physics, you will do an introduction to chemistry. Hence, you can not totally run away from chemistry.

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