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JAMB CAPS 2022/2023 Portal: Accept/Reject Admission Offers

In this article you are going to learn everything about jamb caps 2022/2023 Portal and even if JAMB caps is saying incorrect password.

Whether you like it or not, this admission processing system established by JAMB is compulsory.

The JAMB Central Admissions Processing System was created for a number of reasons, one of which is to curb the menace of illegal admissions common among many institutions.

Before this system was introduced, most aspirants with good admission chances, ended up having their admission space given to other aspirants who were less qualified, thereby allowing those who were less qualified get admitted into an institution, leaving the qualified candidates out.

This prompted the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) to come up with the Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) initiative, which works as an automatic instrument for admission processing.

This has really helped a lot in reducing the rate of illegal admissions in the country.

CAPS has also replaced the manual process of admitting candidates into institutions, which then was cumbersome, complicated, stressful, and full of errors.

Uses of JAMB CAPS 2022

A number of operations can be performed through the JAMB CAPS 2022/2023 portal. They will be made known to you here in this article. Uses and benefits of the CAPS are listed below:

1. Checking of Admission Status

With the Central Admissions Processing System, candidates can easily check their admission status, with their mobile phone.

All you have to do is to login to JAMB Central admission processing system portal and click on the ” check admission status ” bar, by the left hand side of your device.

If you have been offered admission, the two buttons of “accept” and “reject” will become active, and what you have to do is to either accept or reject.

If you accept the admission, you won’t be considered for admission by any other institution.

On the other hand, if you reject the admission, your name will be in the marketplace of CAPS portal.

This means that you will have the opportunity to be considered for admission by other institutions, who are searching for candidates.

2. Checking of Profile information

You can also use the JAMB Central Admissions Processing System to check and confirm your details. Your profile contains information such as your name, date of birth, gender, and UTME Main Examination score.

To access your profile information, click on the “my profile” bar, among the bars by the left hand side of your device.

If after checking the profile information, and you find an incorrect detail, you are advised to go to a JAMB accredited CBT centre to change it, in order not to slow your admission process.

3. Checking of O’ level Result

Most candidates use Awaiting Result (A/R) during the Registration of JAMB UTME/DE, and sometimes forget to go back and upload the result, when they see it.

To know if you have uploaded your O’ level result on UTME CAPS, click on the “my o’ level” bar, which is also by the left hand side.

After clicking it, it brings your result, examination number, examination year and type of examination (WAEC/NECO/NABTEB).

If peradventure, after checking, any of the above is missing, you must go to a JAMB accredited CBT centre to re-upload it.

Make sure you take your hard-copy result along with you.

4. It puts you in the Marketplace

If you are yet to be offered admission or you reject your admission, JAMB will put you in the marketplace for other institutions to consider you for admission.

On the other hand, if you accept your admission, no other institution can admit you, as your name will be removed from the marketplace.

This will increase your admission chances, and stop multiple admissions, whereby a candidate receives admission offer from more than one institution.

5. Enables you approve Transfers

Most candidates do not meet the requirement for gaining admission to study a particular course.

So the institution gives them another program consideration via the “Transfer Approval” bar on your CAPS portal.

If you are interested in the program consideration offers to you, you should accept it, but if you are not interested, you should reject it.

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How to login to JAMB CAPS?

To login to your Joint Admissions Matriculation Board CAPS 2022/23 Portal to access the above listed services, you have to login to your E-Facility portal first.

However, to check to your JAMB 2022 CAP, there is a procedure to follow. They are outlined below:

1. Make sure you are using google chrome browser;

2. Tap on the three dots or red upward arrow located by the top right hand corner of the browser;

3. Then click on “desktop site“;

4. Access the JAMB E-Facility portal here

5. You will be required to provide the email address and password you used while registering for JAMB to login;

6. When you login successfully, a number of tabs will appear;

7. Click on the tab with ” Check Admission status” heading;

8. Then click on “access my Caps“;

9. Then you have successfully logged in to your JAMB CAPS dashboard.

If you have any other question, which has not been mentioned here, feel free to ask your questions, into the comment section, as I will make sure I give you suitable replies as soon as possible.

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  3. My jamb profile on caps is showing my 2020 details instead of 2021 details despite the fact I did not give my last year email address… What can I do

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