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JAMB Mock Exam 2023/2024: All You Need To Know

JAMB mock 2023/2024 examination is here and this post will show you everything you need to know about it. How to register, reprint exam slip, check results and so many more.

Do you wish to register for JAMB 2023?….and you will like to partake in the Mock examination. If yes, you are in the right place.

A lot which you need to know, will be revealed to you here. Get ready!

A lot of JAMB applicants usually wish to partake in the UTME mock examination, but just few of them are actually granted the opportunity.

There is a reason for this, and I will expose it to you here. Continue reading.

The mock examination lasts for a day, and therefore not up to ten percent of the applicants can be able to partake in the examination.

Therefore if you wish to sit for the mock examination of the coming JAMB 2023, you will be given some tips on what to do.

Before we proceed, I will like to bring to your notice that the JAMB mock examination is NOT compulsory. As the name implies, “MOCK” meaning “simulation”.

What is JAMB mock exam?

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board introduced the mock examination (JAMB), to help candidates get familiar with the JAMB examination system.

The mock examination gives you an insight to what you will meet in the main examination.

Don’t get me wrong: this doesn’t mean the questions you meet in your mock examination, will be the same thing you will meet in the main examination.

It only means, that the mock examination will put you in the same condition you will be in when writing the main examination.

Keep reading this write up to get exposed to more things circling the JAMB examination.

Is JAMB Mock compulsory?

No, the mock examination is not compulsory at all.

As mentioned earlier, it is just to put you in the condition of the maim exam. It helps you get familiar with the system.

How to Register for JAMB Mock 2023 Examination

I receive quite a number of questions daily from applicants, asking me how to register for the JAMB mock examination, and I know you also want to know how. Let’s get to know!

Application for mock examination comes together with the application for the main examination.

Understand this piece of information very well. I mean that, you can only register for the Mock Examination, while registering for the main examination. The question is…..how do you do it?

While doing your JAMB Registration, it gets to a section where the system writes “mock exam“, with a small box in front of it.

If you click on that box with the mouse, the computer ticks it , and that means you are now eligible to participate in the mock examination.

If the registration is being done for you by a staff of the CBT center, tell the person ahead of time, that you want to partake in the mock examination.

If he/she completes and submits your registration form without applying for the mock examination, you cannot go back to register again. Just forget it.

Is JAMB mock free for 2023?

It is important to know that, it is absolutely free to partake in the mock examination.

This means you won’t be required to pay any other money apart from the CBT center service charge.

The CBT center where you will write your mock examination will be the only one to collect a service charge of just seven hundred naira from you.

Note that this service charge will be collected on the day of the Mock Examination, so don’t get scammed.

It is only after paying your seven hundred naira, that you will be able to go in to sit for your examination.

How do I know if I am writing JAMB mock?

During registration, you will be asked if you want to do mock JAMB examination or not. Another way is by reprint your mock slip which I have explained below.

Can I apply for the Mock separately after registering for the main exam?

No, you cannot register for the mock examination again if your examination application form has been submitted.

This is because, your mock application comes alongside the maim examination form.

It is also advisable for candidates who wish to partake in the mock examination to register for the main examination very early.

This is due to the limited space for the mock examination.

Will I meet my mock examination questions, in the Main examination?

No, you won’t meet the mock questions in the main examination.

This is because JAMB sets different questions for the mock examinations and main examinations.

But, in case you meet some of the questions, then you are lucky….though it is not a hundred percent feasible.

How do I check my Center for JAMB mock?

This is a very good question. Many candidates register for mock, but don’t remember to stay up to date about their mock examination center and date.

Your mock examination center, time and date will be uploaded to your efacility account. Click here to know more.

Do not be surprised if all candidates share the same exam date, as the mock examination only lasts for a day. The only difference will be the center and the time.

Is there any penalty for me if I forfeit my mock examination after registering?

No, there is no penalty. Plans can change, you might have an emergency, and hereby forfeit your mock examination, but there is absolutely no penalty for it.

If you know, you won’t be available to partake in the mock exam, bother not to register.

This will help in creating space, for these who really need to write it.

Can I use my Mock Exam score for Admission purposes?

Here comes the last and biggest question. Some candidates score very high marks in the mock examination and score lesser in the main exam.

They all usually have a common question, which was written above.

From my point of view, your mock examination score is useful for just ONE reason, which is it allows you to know how well prepared you are for the main exam.

JAMB sets mock examination questions from the same syllabus, where the main questions will be set from. This is the only use.

Therefore, your mock exam score cannot be used to process your admission, your main exam score will be used instead.

Do you have any questions? Make it known to me in the comment section. I’ll reply you immediately.

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