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JAMB Syllabus 2023/2024 For All Subjects (Download PDF For Free)

Everyone that wants to sit for the UTME CBT needs the JAMB syllabus, recently I got a comment from a candidate requesting the latest JAMB syllabus 2023, therefore, I decided to make it available on myschoolbeam.

The latest Syllabus for the 2023/2024 JAMB exam is now available for candidates to download the PDF on Myschoolbeam for free. All subjects syllabus in PDF file is on this article.

Do you know know that every JAMB high scorer makes use of the UTME syllabus? Of course, it can’t work without you doing the right preparations for the JAMB exam.

In the JAMB syllabi, you can get the list of topics where questions will come from. You can’t just read any topic, i know of someone that was reading A-level topics while preparing for JAMB.

You need a guide or should I call it a map/compass while reading and preparing for JAMB CBT.

5 Things You Should Know About JAMB Syllabus 2023

Here are 5 basic things every candidate should know about the JAMB UTME syllabi.

1. It is Important: Do you know that a traveler can’t go anywhere without a compass or a map? The same thing applies to the syllabus for UTME/DE candidates.

2. It is Highly Recommended by JAMB: When you open PDF files, not only does it contain the list of topics that will be used to set questions, but it also has a list of JAMB recommended textbooks.

3. It is Free: It is completely free of charge. Don’t pay anyone to get the syllabus, as a matter of fact, you are going to get them on this site.

4. It is a Bonus: Do you think JAMB is dumb to give their candidates the topics that are going to use? No, they are only trying to help matters as the number of failures in JAMB increases every year.

5. The Syllabus for Every Subject is Available: For every JAMB subject, there’s a syllabus containing topics on that subject. If you are still doubting then you can scroll down and check them below.

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Is JAMB Syllabus 2023 out?

Yes, it has been released and there is not much difference between the recent one and that of last year (2022).

What Subjects Can You Get On Myschoolbeam?

We currently have the syllabus for 19 subjects and I am very sure your subjects are in those nineteen we have.

They include:

  • Use of English.
  • Mathematics.
  • Literature in English.
  • Biology.
  • Government.
  • Yoruba.
  • Physics.
  • Principles of Accounting.
  • Chemistry.
  • Music.
  • Arabic.
  • Igbo.
  • Agriculture.
  • Commerce.
  • Geography.
  • Economics.
  • CRS.
  • History.
  • Islamic studies.

If you can’t find your subject below, comment the name of the subject and we will add it as soon as possible.

Download JAMB Syllabus Pdf For All Subjects

To download the UTME syllabi for any subject, simply click on the links below and it will automatically start downloading.

JAMB Curriculum For General Subjects

  • Download Use of English syllabus PDF
  • Download Mathematics syllabus PDF

JAMB 2023 Syllabus For Science Subjects

  • Download Biology syllabus PDF
  • Download Physics syllabus PDF
  • Download Chemistry syllabus PDF
  • Download Agriculture syllabus PDF
  • Download Geography syllabus PDF

JAMB UTME/DE Syllabus For Commercial Subjects

  • Download Principles of Acct syllabus
  • Download Commerce syllabus PDF
  • Download Economics syllabus PDF

JAMB Syllabus 2023/2024 For Art Subjects

  • Download Literature in English syllabus
  • Download Islamic Studies syllabus
  • Download Government syllabus PDF
  • Download History syllabus PDF
  • Download CRS syllabus PDF
  • Download Yoruba syllabus PDF
  • Download Music syllabus PDF
  • Download IGBO syllabus PDF
  • Download Arabic syllabus PDF

How Will You Open The PDF File?

To open the PDF files, use the in-built pdf reader that is naturally on your phone or go and download a PDF reader on Google Play store.

I highly recommend that you use wps to open it as it has a lot of features for you.

What Next After Downloading The Syllabus?

If you have good textbooks for each of the four subjects you are going to sit for in jamb, this is what you need to do after downloading the syllabi.

1. Create a timetable that you are going to use for reading purposes only.

2. Get all your textbooks and past questions ready, you can also write out the topics you find in the syllabi.

3. Read the textbooks following the topics inside the syllabus and make sure you understand before moving to another topic.

4. Mark each topic that you finish in the syllabus.

5. When you are done with all the topics, answer the questions you see in your JAMB past questions. See how well you are doing.

6. Repeat the process over and over again until the day of your examination.

If you want to know more about scoring high in JAMB, check my JAMB exam guide with secrets exposed.

If you have any questions, drop your comments below and expect a reply from me.

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