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How To Pass WAEC 2022: 6 Tips To Excel Without Stress

How to pass waec 2022 examination in one sitting without stress.

Have you ever wondered how students come out with great WAEC Results? Or have you come to think of how those we don’t expect to have good results end up with amazing grades?

The reason is not far-fetched; they have followed some principles on how to make their grades.

Don’t get the wrong point here – I’m not talking about expos and the like. I’m talking about legit things you have to do if you want to have your distinctions in your coming WAEC Examination.

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) sets examination questions not only to assign grades, but also to figure out how well you know a subject, and how fast you can solve problems on that subject. That is: you are tested for speed and accuracy.

However, this speed and accuracy test is not enough when it comes to WAEC Exams.

Some other factors will affect your grades in the results. These factors will be considered in the course of this article.

This article will teach you everything you need to know on how to pass WAEC Exams. There is no shortcut to success but there are smart moves. They will all be mentioned here.

The secret to it will be revealed to you, and if you are just preparing to write your first WAEC exam or if this coming one is your first, you will find this piece very useful.

However, if you read this article without putting the content into practice, then it might not turn out as planned.

So you are advised to read, understand and practice every content of the write-up. Now let’s dive into business.

How To Pass WAEC 2022 Examination

If you are here, the above question should be running through your mind. So to pass your WAEC exams, there are some steps and guidelines you have to follow, which will be outlined and explained here.

So without wasting much of your time, what are these guidelines?

1. Get the WAEC Syllabus for the year

The WAEC Syllabus covers every aspect of the questions that will be asked for that particular year.

This means that all questions Will be drawn from the topics in the syllabus. Note that it is very dangerous to read outside the syllabus.

Getting the syllabus saves students from the danger of reading what will not come out in the examination.

Let me make it clearer. The syllabus tells you the topics that you need to study for a given subject and year.

The West African Examination Council will not set questions outside its syllabus for the year. It is just like a regular school scheme of work, but for the examination.

You can get the WAEC syllabus for the current year, online or at the school you did your WAEC registration. The syllabus for your registered subjects will be given to you.

Once you get the syllabus, try to sketch a timetable to cover every topic in it. (This is very important). Don’t leave any topic in the syllabus untreated.

2. Make out time to study

A popular saying goes thus: Effort determines Result. This is one thing everyone should take very seriously.

Warning: You can’t pass WAEC without reading or doing anything at all

Most WAEC aspirants claim they want to write WAEC exams and still don’t have a particular reading period.

At least three-four months before your WAEC examination commences, you should have made a timetable on how your reading will go. Find a time that is very convenient for you and make the best use of it.

If you are the type who stays awake at night, try to start using your nights for reading. If you can’t wake up to read at the night, use your day for reading. This will help you in the preparation for your exams.

3. Learn to read instructions

If you have covered the whole WAEC syllabus, read your book cover to cover, and you fail to read the instructions on getting to the hall, it might not end well.

After collecting your question paper, and answer script, the first thing you should do is to read and understand the instruction.

For example, there is a common instruction on every WAEC question booklet, which says “do not write in the margin”: some students might still write on it. The margin by the left and right sides of the booklet is for the markers and not for you.

The markers mark your scripts and write the scores on the margin for easy compilation. Writing on the margin by students will just bring about a deduction of marks.

Another instruction students fail to follow in WAEC is ” You are advised to work completely on your own “. This instruction is in most cases not followed by students. If you talk to your seat partner, then you have disobeyed. The effect of disobeying this instruction will be mentioned later.

In the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), you will be told to shade your registration details and your correct options with your HB pencil. The way to shade it will be shown to you in the exam hall.

Do yourself good by following all the instructions in the objective section without any fault. This is because, unlike the theory aspect, this section will be marked by the computer which acts automatically (not thinking twice like humans).

Also, instructions might tell you to answer five questions and you just go ahead to answer four because that’s what you know.

This will bring about a reduction in marks. If you are told to answer five questions and attempt all five questions, you will still be scored. It is better than not attempting it at all.

4. Avoid Examination Malpractice

Examination malpractice is something every student who aims high should run from. On getting to your examination center, you will get to see other students who pay for answers to the exam questions. I will tell you why I don’t recommend exam chips. Just read on.

The answers are written on paper and are photocopied for all those who have paid. Then almost everyone gets to write the same thing down. You should know what will happen if you were the one marking the scripts of such a center.

Aside from even writing the same thing, examination malpractice is a serious offense, and if you get caught by loyal WAEC officials, you might just fail that examination even without submitting your answer scripts.

WAEC expo or runz can’t help you pass your waec exams and get straight a’s.

You are hereby advised to stay away from any form of examination malpractice. This gives you an edge over other candidates.

5. Put the scores in front of the questions into consideration

On reading the exam questions, you will notice the scores in front of every question. These scores act as the price tag of each question. This means that if you see (5 marks) in front of a question, then it means that question carries five marks.

The tag gives you the option to select which question you want to spend more time on. The greater the mark, the more valuable it is. So consider these marks.

6. Pay attention to attendance

This should have even come first, but no problem since we are already treating it.

When you start doing your exam, the exam supervisor will begin to call the names of those who registered for that subject, he or she will mark your present if you respond to the call of your name.

However, if you don’t respond when your name is being called, then forget you wrote the examination. This is because this attendance will be used as a tool when sorting scripts out for marking and compilation.

So if your scripts get missing, there will be no record to prove that you partook in the examination.

So you are advised to pay attention when the attendance list is being called.

What is the pass mark for Waec?

The pass mark for waec in 2022 are:

  • A1 (Excellent)
  • B2 (Very Good)
  • B3 (Good)
  • C4, C5, and C6 (Credit)
  • D7 and E8 (Pass)

How do I learn to pass Wassce?

There is no better way than following the tips I mentioned above in this post, keep grinding and pray for divine guidance.

Is GCE harder than Waec?

Gce is more simple than the waec examination, both are easy if you are well prepared. But waec requires more preparation and critical thinking.

Is e8 a pass in WAEC?

Of course, E8 is a pass in WASSCE but you don’t want to have it in Mathematics, English language, or any other 3 required subjects.

I hope everything which has been revealed to you here will get into practice from now on. Follow every step here well and you will see your grades will be amazing. It is a big secret.

You can decide to share these waec secrets to pass waec 2022 exam with your friends or those you think might need it.

Drop any questions you have in the comment section.

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